Chapter 17 Part 3

This teleplay’s requirements for the audition actors were young, green, and able to show the character.

The simple requirements resulted in a crowded venue, and the printed audition list had to turn over several pages.

Lin Meng watched the staff responsible for maintaining order to issue the number plate by name. It was almost time, and she walked into a small room dedicated to audition.

When she entered the room, she felt something was wrong, and she blinked doubtfully.

One, two, three, four … why one more person?

Today’s audition work, in addition to the male protagonist Wang Fangyi, only Zhu Xufang, He Fangming and her. She hasn’t taken a seat yet, so why were all four seats full?

Lin Meng looked at the man in a three-piece suit with a hat, sunglasses, and a mask. Her eyes were full of suspicion, so she almost asked directly: “Who are you?”

Zhu Xufang covered his mouth with his hand and smiled: “President Lin, come and sit first. This is one of my … associate directors. For specifics, I will tell you after the audition is over.”

Lin Meng nodded and sat in a side position, she still couldn’t help wondering. Hasn’t it been decided that He Fangming will be the associate director?

Although the crew had two associate directors, she was acceptable. But did this person fall from the sky? Why hasn’t she heard from Director Zhu?

This audition was the idea that Zhu Xufang thought. He did a little too kukuabc, there were only three performance scenes written on the note:

“As an ordinary student who has not graduated from high school, may I ask you when you encounter the following three scenes? What will you do? (free style):

1 From childhood to age, you thought you had a perfect family, but one day, this perfection suddenly disappeared.

2 You have always been like a tightrope walker. You knew better than anyone else that there must be a problem in the marriage of your parents. Every day you prayed that they do not divorce, but one day found your father marital infidelity.

3 You have always wanted to convince yourself that you love your mother very much. But you have found that you have become more and more intolerant of her bad temper, and the pain she has given your father. When they divorced, you suddenly found that you were relieved. “

Lin Meng, a versatile tool person, has served many HR jobs. In her imagination, the audition should be no different from a normal interview. But after the audition actually started, she fell into a long silence.

First of all, when they issued “recruitment” announcements, most companies would set out the requirements clearly, such as education, professional … Only about 5% of the people would come to try their luck.

However, at the audition scene, Lin Meng saw countless actors who were try their lucky, and she felt outrageous.

Although most of the stars in the entertainment industry were good at maintenance, they were generally younger than their actual age.

Some people were more than a dozen years older than the role they were playing, and they were still mature.

The key was to compare the resume photos they submitted, and you would think that the person in the photo was qualified.

This can only be blamed for almighty PS …

At this audition scene, there were no soundtrack, no props, and even no actors who helped them play opposite.

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