Chapter 17 Part 4

This also meant that the actors who came to audition must play opposite to the air.

Lin Meng saw most of the professional actors at the previous shooting scene. When they were performing, they were able to bring people into the show to some extent or be less affected by surroundings.

Among the actors who came here this time, there were even those who roared and couldn’t help laughing. Some people’s voices were grief-stricken, but they couldn’t shed a tear for a long time.

Lin Meng crossed the list while watching, she looked around, and the mysterious man next to her agreed with Zhu Xufang and her.

“President Lin.” The mysterious man suddenly spoke.


“The threshold for public audition is very low. You may see a lot of strange phenomena that you can’t imagine. It’s all like wanting gold in the waves.” He explained in a low voice.

Lin Meng said thank you. There was another question mark in her heart. The voice was really strange. She was sure she hadn’t heard it.

On this day, the audition went from dawn to darkness. Towards the end, Lin Meng was rubbing her forehead in order to free herself from this embarrassing acting.

Fortunately, the gold rush in this wave has been quite successful.

When the audition was over, they could select eight actors by comparing their respective lists.

Although their acting skills were not the best, both Zhu Xufang and two other industry professionals believed that their acting skills were room for progress.

Now they just need to make a comprehensive comparison of their previous works, and then compare the dates and choose the most suitable one.

“Director Zhu, could you tell me who this is?” Lin Meng walked to Director Zhu with a smile. The audition was over, making her feel relaxed.

Zhu Xufang patted his forehead and reacted to forgetting it: “President Lin, this is the case, this is …”

The man had taken off all his camouflage, and Lin Meng could see the hair on his forehead was wet with sweat, and he looked too hot. As soon as he took off his mask, Wang Fangyi opened his eyes wide and looked at him in surprise.

The man who had been blocked before … he looked gentle. He wasn’t handsome, but he was a good-looking man.

He reached out to Lin Meng: “President Lin, I’m sorry to offend you. Could I be an assistant director in this show? Or a crew member, whatever. “He was sincere.

But Lin Meng was even more confused. She looked at He Fangming. He Fangming was also shocked. She hesitated for a moment and asked: “I’m sorry, I often forget the looks of others. May I ask … who you are?”

Before the crew started, they usually announced the cast in succession. the same was true for “Mountains Behind The Mountain”, which used a countdown method at boot.

The third day from the end. The theme was “ordinary us”, and many supporting actors took photos together.

On the penultimate day. The young actors selected by the audition finally made public appearances.

On the last day. The lineup of parents based on the film king-“At forty, I had no doubts.”

On the day of the official announcement, many people waited until eight o’clock in the evening.

But at 7:30 in the evening, a hot search topic directly dropped off, attracting everyone’s attention.

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  1. Who is He Fangmimg? Have we already met him? New guy? Maybe he is the ML? I hope so cuz I don’t like her husband,

      1. Ah thank you. But now I’m super confused. How can she not recognize him? I thought she was the hands on type.

    1. I’m pretty sure the ML is the husband. And my guess is that, that guy is the famous director that competed with the director of The path of being an immortal. I just don’t want to return and check their names again. But that’s it.

    2. I think her husband is the ml, mostly because of the title, (but most titles are very misleading so who knows) but gotta give hubby more scenes! Oh the regret~ I feed from em’

      1. I really really hope not. But now that people told me who He Fangming is, I don’t think he’s the ML either.

  2. Zhu Xufang has some nerve bringing random people into the project without permission. It will be interesting to see how Lin Meng deals with people trying to take advantage of her gentleness. Then again maybe she won’t care as long as she loses money.

    1. Actually it seems like director zhu had only good intention in bringing the guyy, maybe he’s someone well known or something. But don’t seem he’s trying to take advantage

      1. Yeah, later on they explain how and why this happened, but at the time it seemed very presumptuous.

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