Chapter 18 Part 1

《Today With You》 teleplay adaptation

Huo Hanshan X Wu Yuedi

The first one appeared on the fixed advertising space of hot search topic, and the latter one quickly climbed to the top five with extremely low heat.

The night was the peak of traffic, and most netizens on the Internet noticed this rising hot search topic. They curiously clicked on the link, only to find that it was really surprising news.

“Today With You” was a famous work by Green River’s contracted writer Che Chefan. It was still the favorite of many netizens. The copyright of the book was sold once in the early years.

The buyer has not been able to invest in the adaptation. When the license expired, it was sold to Yuexin Entertainment, which Wu Yuedi signed.

This time the teleplay project was launched, naturally Wu Yuedi was chosen as the female protagonist. Nourishing water won’t flow into the farmland of others.

As for Huo Hanshan? It was delivered to the door by himself, and he took the initiative to discount. Yuexin Entertainment, which originally planned to let their male idol play the role of male protagonist, dispelled the idea and signed a contract with Huo Hanshan.

As for the hitting stage with “Mountains Behind The Mountain”, Yuexin Entertainment also promised.

Visibility was more important than anything else. There was a saying on the Internet, the popularity of stains was also known.

Despite publicly promoting new teleplay at the same time, their company would definitely be gossiped. That’s better than no one asking.

The propaganda staff of Yuexin Entertainment and Huo Hanshan Studio have set up a dedicated chat group for propaganda. They were constantly sharing various screenshots to the group at this moment.

In addition to the real-time attention, the number of comments and likes, they also importantly circled those who touted the project. It was necessary to make the two protagonists and the bosses in the group feel at ease and feel perfect.

Comments from netizens were mostly based on praise. Although Huo Hanshan and Wu Yuedi’s real age were much older than the set of the protagonist in the book, but the acting skills of handsome men and pretty women were good. Book fans were not picky for the time being.

Huo Hanshan sent ten or two thousand yuan of gift money to the group at one time. He received a bunch of emoticon packages thanking him. He shrugged at the agent around him: “I’m afraid we don’t have to wait for teleplay to finish shooting, we can see them regret it.”

In the cast of “Mountains Behind The Mountain”, only Wang Fangyi was a little known. When teleplay started, he wanted to let them know what it means to be crushed to death.

Wu Yuedi, who was also in the group, also sent ten equal amounts of gift money. Everyone just happily snatched, and felt that the two bosses sent gift money with good publicity, but they didn’t know that the two who sent gift money actually had private grievances in their hearts.

Wu Yuedi was lying on the bed as a mask at the moment. She was chatting with her friend:

“It should be called for some people to know. Most of the projects they produce are not worthy of attention. Even if they ask me for cooperation, I won’t perform. Now that the heat is steadily pressed, maybe their hearts are sour. “

She went to the event last time, and an unscrupulous media reporter asked her if she regretted not having filmed “Love You Before Tomorrow” because she went to Hollywood. She was furious.

Of course, her friend was very supportive, and have been sending emoticons to echo her words.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, the two of them were back to the group at the same time, ready to wait for the propaganda staff to report the real-time battle situation. But wait and wait, the time moved by 8:05, the group was silent…

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  1. No espero mucho del programa de esos dos por lo que ya se que definitivamente perderán, el guión puede ser muy bueno pero recordemos que a estos dos antepasados les gusta cambiar el guión a cada segundo por lo que la historia no creo que quede como el original

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