Chapter 18 Part 2

They were still hesitant to ask, a series of “Di Di” sounds came out. The hot spots of Weibo appeared one after another, all around the same topic.

“Heavy news! Zhu Xufang, Cheng Aiming and He Fangming co-organized “Mountains Behind The Mountain”. The film king Gu Mingyi, film queen Sui Yan, actor Jiang Hang, and traffic idol Yu Yuanxing are among the strongest guest group. “

When they saw the news, the two people in different places were very acquainted, their mouths were slightly opened, and their eyes were almost staring out. They were not afraid that fans would notice that they were online, and immediately opened Weibo.

@teleplay《Mountains Behind The Mountain》:D-DAY0 Sharing our strongest director lineup and best guest cast lineup, my eyes have been blinded by stars, what about you?

Netizens clicked on the pictures below. They were a refined set of photos. Some clever netizens compared the three-day countdown propaganda photos before, and found that the colorful reflection behind each actor was actually composed of all actors’ blur. The bonus scene was already there.

Eventually there was movement in the WeChat group, and one of the propaganda staff did not even have an emoji package, but she carefully sent a note: “#Huo Hanshan X Wu Yuedi # hot search topic 20 ↓ 16.”

If it wasn’t for her job that needed to report changes in the ranking of hot search topics, she would definitely not be present.

Well, it’s almost a public execution.

Looking at this Weibo, Huo Hanshan and Wu Yuedi were both irritated at the same time, but there was nothing they could do. They can only keep a low profile and continue to plan for the next round of PK——

Wasn’t there just a guest appearance? The popularity of urban sweet teleplay was high!

They didn’t agree, and they were not bad compared to each other’s cast.

By the way, there were more than a dozen paid forum poster companies that have cooperated with them all year round! Spending money to get them to score low, making “Mountains Behind The Mountain” a score lower than 6.

Keen netizens have found something wrong and started posting passionately:

[Wtmxs, if “Today With You” did not intentionally squat fraud “Mountains Behind The Mountain”, I will upside down and sparse immediately! 】

[Share a story of a fan’s success to the top of the heap——Regarding Cheng Aiming, who posted WeiBo for one month and managed his Weibo as the wall of Zhu Xufang’s advantage Are you happy today? 】

[Come to vote! Do you like “Today With You” or “Mountains Behind The Mountain”? 】

The last post directly triggered a big war.

Passers-by fans at the beginning could still be mixed together and discussed with reason. But in the end, it directly became an Internet scolding war.

“Is your well-known director of “Today With You” the big man who made the ridiculous fantasy teleplay? We have Director Zhu with box office of 4.1 billion and Director Chen with accumulated box office of 3.8 billion. Even our web teleplay by Director He is the hottest this summer. “

“Oh, terrific, might as well take stock of the male protagonist’s performance? Fans of Wang Fangyi can only brag about his achievements three years ago, right? The protagonist of a 40-year-old uncle who only makes family teleplays is really great. Sneer.”

“Our Wang Fangyi took the vision king three times, and the most popular male actor more than ten times. Fans of Huo Hanshan, just go into the ground with a vision king trophy.”

“Take away Yu Yuanxing, our idol knows how to be grateful. Thanks to True Dream Entertainment for giving him the opportunity to work with so many well-known power actors. As fans of Yu Yuanxing, we will definitely support it a lot. As for those who talk nonsense because of jealousy, I wish your idol will be outdated tomorrow. “

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  1. Oh! So that was who Zhu Xufang brought in! His competitor that lost the Valentine’s movie matchup.

  2. I have no idea what happened in this chapter. Some famous people made guest appearances?

  3. True Dream is turning out to be a people magnet. They’ve even recruited Cheng Aiming? With so many talents, President Lin will never lose money.

    Thanks for the chapters!

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