Chapter 18 Part 3

The forum was full of hustle.

Real life was peaceful.

Today was a rare overtime day for True Dream Entertainment. Lin Meng asked the restaurant to deliver a large meal with everyone. People were able to work with sufficient food and drink.

At this time, she was standing by the propaganda staff to confirm the propaganda situation, and she glanced at the conference room from time to time.

The conference room’s light was on. After the meal, Cheng Aiming took the initiative to clean the conference room.

He held his laptop, and with Zhu Xufang who wearing glasses, began to discuss the shooting methods and narrative rhythm in “The Path To Becoming Immortal”. He looked like a fanatic.

That day, until Cheng Aiming introduced himself, Lin Meng still didn’t remember who he was.

Looking at Lin Meng’s confused eyes, Cheng Aiming coughed, he took the cell phone actively, turned to the online interview video, and clicked to play it in front of Lin Meng.

He looked away awkwardly at the same time, and he dared not look into Lin Meng’s eyes.

Then Lin Meng heard the arrogant male voice in the video very clearly: “… We crush them in all directions! The box office champion on Valentine’s Day is us.”

She finally thought of this person in the corner of her memory, and then she looked at Director Zhu. Zhu Xufang said embarrassingly about what happened recently.

Cheng Aiming’s posts touting Zhu Xufang were forwarded by his family to the family chat group. When Zhu Xufang saw Cheng Aiming’s analysis, he really felt that it was late to meet each other. It happened that Cheng Aiming finally came to Zhu Xufang’s contact information. The two chatted enthusiastically.

When he heard that Zhu Xufang was going to make a new project, Cheng Aiming watched the script and itched to have a go——

He has been making love dramas in the past few years. He rarely heeded this kind of script. He had been hesitating until the day of audition, and tentatively asked if he could be an associate director in the props group, and learned from Director Zhu.

Zhu Xufang thought about it and said that he needed to get Lin Meng’s consent. Just that time was tight, he simply pulled Cheng Aiming to the audition scene.

In the eyes of outsiders, Cheng Aiming, a great director with a lot of achievements, lowered his price to become an associate director of teleplay. He had a problem in his head.

According to Cheng Aiming, he was not bad for money and name, he was pursuing art and idol. Those who had an opinion on him were better mind their own business. That way they could live a hundred years.

“President Lin, if it wasn’t for your arrangement this time, our heat might not be better than the other party!” There was a little adoration in the eyes of Propaganda Wang, and there seemed to be little stars floating by.

This was too godful!

Imagining the bad expressions of the members of the propaganda group of “Today With You”, she couldn’t help laughing. This mood, cool!

Although the propaganda was suppressed once, there would be no serious consequences, but she would definitely feel uncomfortable. Especially in the future, it may still be turned out and laughed at, which was too depressing.

Alas, fortunately they had President Lin, who worked out the plan with every detail taken into consideration.

Lin Meng pretended to look at the cell phone and fell into silence.

Actually, this incident was really an accident.

Yu Yuanxing’s attention has declined recently. When his agent heard that “Mountains Behind The Mountain” was about to start shooting, he actively asked Lin Meng if they could make Yu Yuanxing a guest character?

The character image should not be too bad, and the character should have lines. He starred in friendship.

When Lin Meng heard it, her mind flashed.

Didn’t she have too much money?

She simply invited some well-known actors to make guest appearances, and then buried in the play as the bonus scene—— But for these guest appearances,she must pay according to the market price, at most only 20% off!

This could increase production costs that were not otherwise high. Perfect.

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