Chapter 18 Part 4

The idea was beautiful, but the process was hard.

The people she wanted to invite were previously appeared in “The Path To Becoming Immortal” and “Love You Before Tomorrow”. With the exception of those who didn’t have a schedule, they almost say that they were willing to discount money to perform.

She forcibly paid the guest actors’ remuneration with a tough attitude of “Not bad money” and “If you do n’t charge, you just look down on me”. Although she still had to make a slight discount, the plan still executed perfectly.

As for working out the plan with every detail taken into consideration?

In fact, she had never heard of “Today With You”, let alone Wu Yuedi and Huo Hanshan as protagonists.

So in the final analysis, it should be that these two people have a stronger bad luck, right?

But…Wu Yuedi and Huo Hanshan were put together. Why did she think more and more strangely?

Oh, she remembered!

Lin Meng murmured to herself: “Aren’t these two protagonists who brought screenwriters into the crew and changed the script? If they both change, who will the director listen to?

She just searched, and the director of the teleplay was an industry model. The teleplays he shot had high ratings, often making three or four sequels.

The problem was that the teleplays he used to shoot were all fairy theme. It wasn’t bad, but the plot couldn’t be accepted by many people. Lin Meng felt he couldn’t hold back the two.

She was very confused. What kind of grand occasion would be the two protagonists to change the script together. After all, she was the one who saw the quality of Wu Yuedi’s modified script with her own eyes.

He Fangming happened to come and pour coffee. He immediately laughed when he heard: “President Lin, you found a blind spot. In fact, there is such a thing in the circle.”

Lin Meng looked at him curiously.

He Fangming laughed and talked about gossip: “There is a suspense film about the male protagonist who misunderstood the marital infidelity of the female partner and then killed the female partner after being angry. The female protagonist who married the male protagonist accidentally found the bones at home and struggled to survive after a battle of wits.”

“And then?”

He Fangming clapped his hand: “The male protagonist then said that he would not play such a negative role, there must be a reason. He asked the female partner to be marital infidelity and to bring home money to a third party, which caused his mother to die killed. “


“The supporting actress felt that she would be scolded by the audience. She also demanded that the script be changed. The supporting actor threatened her with a male protagonist handle. She had no choice but to explain.”

“This seems to be okay.” Xiao Wang, who had been listening, nodded after hearing.

He Fangming laughed: “But the femaleprotagonist felt that this could not highlight her and the male protagonist a battle of wits, but highlighted the supporting actress. She requested that she be a half-sister of the supporting actress. To investigate the truth of her sister’s death, she lurked beside the male protagonist, and must kill the male protagonist. “

He said in a breath. “The supporting actor was also unwilling, and he asked to set up a career for the male protagonist, such as a doctor. Then the male protagonist did not rescue his wife because of a huge medical accident, and his behavior was revenge. “

Lin Meng’s voice was with a smile: “Then the male protagonist was not happy again? He said that he couldn’t be a medical malpractice person? “

“The answer is correct. In the end, the director got angry and left.” He Fangming pointed to himself. “The director is me. So two actors who like to change the script enter the same crew, there will be a fierce collision. I’m too experienced in this situation. “

Lin Meng: “Okay, let us wait and see what the outcome will be.”

Hey, she was really curious. Of course, it might have been two wrongs make a right. They had a fun exchange in the crew?

After that, “Today With You” was following “Mountains Behind The Mountain” around like a shadow. As long as Xiao Wang just posted a publicity post, the other party must follow within half an hour.

Even the opening ceremony was also selected on the same day.

Some netizens said with a smile that they were “lingering with the mountain today”. They must linger until the end of the world and do not know when they can be separated.

They didn’t expect that this pair of lingering combinations could separate faster than they thought.

After all, the “accident” that occurred on the tenth day after the opening ceremony caused “Today With You” to suspend its propaganda and deal with it coldly.

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