Chapter 19 Part 1

Three directors of different styles existed in the crew at the same time, and logically they would be somewhat contradictory.

But in the team of “Mountains Behind The Mountain”, this problem did not exist at all. After all, He Fangming and Cheng Aiming were very attached to the pursuit of stars.

They held director Zhu Xufang as an idol. They usually followed Zhu Xufang and listened to him very seriously.

Let alone comment, sometimes Lin Meng felt that, even if Zhu Xufang suddenly wanted to have a full martial arts in this modern teleplay, they would nod that the director was right.

“Director Zhu, please see if there are any adjustments to this set.” Lin Meng was holding the tablet in one hand, and the other was using a capacitive pen to signal the surroundings.

In the teleplay of “Mountains Behind The Mountain”, the core scene that appears was the home of several protagonists.

The three houses of the three families were all personally visited by Lin Meng with the props group and carefully arranged after selection.

She had her own “obsessive-compulsive disorder” in doing things, and she had to do her best within her ability.

The prop master and field manager next to him were already setting up the equipment. Another house on this floor was also rented by the crew as a space for storing props and actors’ locker room.

The crew shot outdoor scenes before. Lin Meng sent the adjusted room photos to Director Zhu for real-time confirmation every day. Because of his trust in Lin Meng, Zhu Xufang also came to the scene for the first time.

“Please give us an introduction.” Zhu Xufang smiled and walked forward with his hands behind him. In fact, he didn’t need to listen to the introduction, he was very satisfied with the place Lin Meng chose.

But … he suddenly had other plans! Zhu Xufang’s eyes glanced faintly at the two followers behind him.

Lin Meng walked ahead: “About the male protagonist’s house. The house has a family of four for a long time. Both husband and wife are highly paid occupations, one is a programmer and the other is a doctor. So I arranged for them four bedrooms and two living rooms, totaling 200 square suite. One of them is reserved as a study. “

She pushed open the door of the study. “On the bookcase next to it, I asked people to consult, Then I prepared books for those in the position of Deputy Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology. There is also a small space for children’s books. “

Zhu Xufang approached and confirmed the bookcase. The books in it were old and new.

In addition to full books, there were also several certificates on the bookshelf, which were the certificates that children have received at school since childhood.

Opening the lower cabinet, there were some certificates and licences of doctor’s mother. He nodded with satisfaction, similar to what he imagined.

In this family, children as treasures of the whole family, even if the certificate contains less gold than the mother, will be displayed in the most conspicuous place.

“Dong Jianqiang’s nature of work has led him to work overtime in the unit most of the time, and he is basically resting when he returns home, so I have not left much of his traces in the study.”

she went out and introduced all the furnishings in the house. Included in the mother-in-law’s room, a large red embroidered quilt cover brought from her hometown, and knitting tools on a table next to it.

The shoe cabinet was full of shoes … every decoration was the result of careful consideration based on the script.

Cheng Aiming nodded frequently at the back. He took many films and cooperated with many staff members. There were not many people who can really reach this level.

More often, as a director, he felt that the scenery was not good and the location was not. He had to choose the new location himself.

He felt that Lin Meng might have to be more meticulous in watching scripts than some actors, so that she could perfectly define the settings of the characters and do a good job of auxiliary work.

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