Chapter 19 Part 2

“What are you looking at?”

Wang Fangyi came over with black-rimmed glasses. He had just changed his clothes. He was wearing a checked shirt with a brand, a T-shirt inside, and pants. Trousers were non-skinny jeans, with a black belt tied to the waist.

“I’m looking at your house.” Zhu Xufang and the actors had no separation, and he reached out and patted Wang Fangyi’s shoulder.

Wang Fangyi had a good personality. When he heard this, he sat directly on the sofa: “The visitors who came are guests. Make yourself at home, just sit down and rest.”

His face had been put on makeup. Lin Meng only allowed the makeup artist to slightly modify his face and muscle direction, and then did a little treatment on the eye area.

Wang Fangyi himself was well-maintained and dressed young, looking no different from a young man in his early thirties. As a star, he mostly worked indoors. He attached great importance to sun protection, and his skin tone was also white.

The makeup artist adjusted the color of the foundation at the request of Lin Meng, neutralized his skin tone on Wang Fangyi’s face, and adjusted the muscle direction to droop with shadow powder, making dark circles and tiredness around the eyes.

As soon as the makeup was finished, the male protagonist usually overworked, and his tired appearance appeared.

Wang Fangyi looked at Lin Meng and spread his hands: “President Lin, look at the makeup you arranged for me. I was scared when I saw it.” He shook his head. “If I was unemployed in middle age, it would be like this.”

Everyone laughed, and Cheng Aiming at the back added a focus to the small book in his heart.

One of Lin Meng’s most enviable qualities was aesthetics, or quality aesthetics. Cheng Aiming praised this. We must know that the aesthetics and cognition between people were very different.

Cheng Aiming often encountered scenes where he communicated for a long time during the process of directing, and the other party hesitated.

The most terrible thing was not that he didn’t understand, it was that he understood, and did exactly what you asked, and in the end the effect was so ugly that you just wanted to dig out your eyes.

Everyone had specialties. Cheng Aiming’s clothing and makeup are all ignorant and often mistakenly expressed. He only understood vaguely: “Eyes must be bright, and clothes must be young and sexy …”

Well, the result of such a request generally was that the eyes with eyeliner look like a rebellious girl on the roadside.

The more he looked, the more jealous Cheng Cheng was in his heart.

This weird feeling seemed to be directed at Director Zhu for the first time, envying him that he could cooperate with a producer who has no worries, has a high aesthetic, and perfectly converts ideas into reality.

“Well, for lunch at noon. I asked the field service to send the menu to the staff group, and he will come to confirm with you.”

Alas, he was even more jealous. He used to make films, and the crew had special treatment for directors and protagonists, as well as for meals.

The treatment of ordinary staff members were much worse. The producer often hired an aunt to cook from the surrounding area, and put a few barrels of rice and vegetables at the chow time every day.

Staff members and supporting actors took trays or lunch boxes and took them one by one to eat next to them. As for these meals that didn’t taste good? It was good to be full. Why did you so picky, when you came out to work?

In the “Mountains Behind The Mountain” crew, there were at least twenty choices of single dishes every day, and the taste was still delicious. During this time, Cheng Aiming found that many staff members quietly gained weight.

So…was Lin Meng good or money good? He thought about it and touched his chin.

Thinking about half of it, Cheng Aiming reacted——well, what was he thinking? Lin Meng and money were equated with each other. Of course, they were both good.

“President Lin.” Xiao Wang, who had been next door, appeared with dark face. She hugged her laptop and was low in air pressure.

Lin Meng saw that Zhu Xufang was ready to start shooting, and she did not bother him anymore. She pulled Xiao Wang to the side: “What’s wrong?”

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