Chapter 19 Part 3

” ‘Today With You’ squat fraud us again!” Xiao Wang sulked, she couldn’t stand the grievance!

It was clear that these publicity programmes were all made by President Lin and them one by one, including the interval and rhythm of each publicity.

This was the result of deliberate and then deliberate, and now all are copied and pasted by “Today With You”.

People who were shameless were invincible, and Xiao Wang ignored them. As a result they were addicted?

Last night Xiao Wang posted at 12 o’clock with a funny narration, “Details of Mountain”, in which Xiao Wang appeared in the form of “unexpected interview” and used the perspective of the crew to put the tidbits into it .

Interviews with crew members were also interspersed in the middle. The overall style was humorous and interesting, and very grounded.

This was negotiated by Lin Meng and Xiao Wang, and it took a long time to prepare. The filming started from the first day of the film crew, and it is planned to issue one episode every ten days.

It didn’t take long to send it out last night, and the heat went up rapidly. When Xiao Wang was about to sleep, the video playback had passed 300,000 times.

But as soon as she woke up this morning, she found that Today With You copied it again, and they posted a video of “Today’s Diary” at four in the morning.

It was estimated that they had not prepared them before, and cut the footage together, and they were not so harmonious with the video style when they were seen.

It was clear that this was an interview with some members of the crew originally intended to be at the end of the film, with a narration and subtitles sent directly.

They also bought the hot search topics and online marketing accounts. Even reposts, likes and comments, they also spend a lot of money to find posters to fake and create attention.

The netizens’ eyes have all focused on them.

Xiao Wang just saw a comment below asking: “Is this video just a bit like the promotional video of Today With You? Did I find it alone?”

Yes,only you had insights, you were unique, and your eyes could see truths that the world cannot find.

Even if someone who knew how to watch the release time refuted it, Xiao Wang still felt wronged.

These were all the hard work of President Lin——okay, it wasn’t very hard. President Lin came up with a clever idea, how could they copy so shamelessly?

Lin Meng laughed. Xiao Wang only showed an angry side in front of her. Actually, she never made any mistakes in official matters.

“It doesn’t matter, they can only follow our steps. You see, anyone with eyes knows who of us does better?”

“That’s right … but they bought so many hot search topics and made the online marketing accounts forward. Many people thought they did it first, and we became impersonators.”

Lin Meng patted her calmly: “It’s okay, let’s think about it, next time think of a unique propaganda plan, so that they can’t copy it if they want.”

She picked up the cell phone and was preparing to forward the Weibo to the homepage of her account. This was also one of the routine promotional tasks as the owner of True Dream Entertainment.

After the Weibo APP was launched, the homepage was automatically updated. Looking at the Weibo that appeared on the homepage, Lin Meng smiled: “Xiao Wang, something that makes you happy is here.” She directly put the cell phone into Xiao Wang’s hands.

Xiao Wang froze. She looked down at the cell phone screen. The more she opened her eyes, the more she turned from shock to surprise.

She yelled, waving her arms, feeling full of energy.

Hum, the other party was anxious to copy the propaganda they had carefully thought out each time. Rushing to work really caused problems. What’s this called? The course of nature gone round, repay unfailingly.

The topic that the two people saw on this Weibo has become “HOT” at the back.

On the other side, someone was watching this Weibo anxious, waving his banknotes in preparation for removing the hot search topic.

From spending money on hot search topics in the morning, it quickly changed to asking people to suppress the heat. The change seemed to be only a moment.

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