Chapter 20 Part 1

In Today With You’s dressing room, Huo Hanshan and Wu Yuedi, who had not had time to remove their makeup, stood on each side, and both of them were stiff. Their faces were terrible.

There was no sound in the dressing room. Only the staff in charge of publicity and the docking staff of the two starring studios were sweating while holding the cell phone in front of the computer.

“Is Hot search topic removed??” Huo Hanshan asked first, and he reached out and rubbed his forehead.

The publicity staff said cautiously: “Not yet, we are communicating now.”

“Why not remove?” Huo Hanshan didn’t understand and said impatiently, “Spend more money, money is not a problem.”

“It’s …” The publicity staff glanced at Wu Yuedi hesitantly, she was afraid to speak.

She felt helpless. The two in front of her were notorious and could not offend. She was a small employee and she was desperate.

Huo Hanshan noticed it, and he sneered, “It looks like someone caused it again? No wonder, some people just offend people like this.”

With that said, the atmosphere in the dressing room became even more rigid. The other people present were anxious to disappear on the spot.

They felt helpless when they looked at each other. If they hadn’t made a mistake, they really didn’t want to blend into this Shura field.

Wu Yuedi glanced over, she was obviously a lot shorter than Huo Hanshan, but she was not inferior in momentum: “Oh, I’m afraid of a thief shouting “catch thief!”. Someone thinks how bright and famous he is? “

“Do you think your reputation is good? Isn’t someone hyping herself every day to be the next Hollywood queen?” Huo Hanshan sneered.

Wu Yuedi was not to be outdone: “Well, someone is a famous despot actor. I heard that he often suppresses the younger generation?”

The atmosphere became more and more tense, and the two who were very particular about their words and deeds seemed to fight each other in the next second. The publicity staff who were forced to stay here typed quickly and tried to find a turnaround.

“It was removed!” The sound finally broke the atmosphere just now.

Wu Yuedi was upset, and she snorted coldly: “Have you been so happy? Yes, your work mistakes, but I am bearing the consequences, I lost money and reputation, is it useful to remove the hot search topic? Look at those posts on the forum, those people talk so mean. “

“We have reported them in real name and asked the forum to delete posts. Internet marketers have already entered the venue, and we will definitely control the direction of the comment. I’m really sorry.”

The crew’s publicity team stood up and bowed and apologized. This was indeed their problem. They were so happy in the morning, how could they think of the current distress.

The publicity staff at Huo Hanshan’s studio shook his head at him: “Han Shan. Because of this, someone started trying to find clues from your previous work. Fortunately, such conditions were rare and did not affect much. “

Huo Hanshan was relieved to hear this. the current status of the movie business was saturated with young actors, and young actresses were scarce.

Wu Yuedi, who was a little less qualified than him, has been on the screen for a long time, and he can only be active on the small screen.

He has now devoted himself to the movie business. The topic that came out today makes it easy for him to be abandoned by many guides.

Regardless of Huo Hanshan, being reminded by him, Wu Yuedi was also anxious: “How is my public opinion?”

The publicity staff wiped her sweat: “Not great, I can only delete posts now, and the previous things have been turned out and said …”

Huo Hanshan listened and laughed twice, and he left his staff memebers without looking back.

He was dismissive, and if it wasn’t for the crew’s broken publicity team and Wu Yuedi, he wouldn’t mess with this unexpected calamity.

Lin Meng was being pulled by Xiao Wang to see the cause of the incident.

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