Chapter 20 Part 2

The post posted by the crew of “Today With You” this morning was cut out directly from the crew’s tidbits. That was to say, the construction period took a total of two or three hours.

This led to the fact that during the inspection, they focused on checking the subtitles and narrating, and didn’t notice anything leaked from the sidelights.

Netizens in the early forums focused on “Today With You” who always bought hot search topics and made them bored. The netizens vowed to hope that they could get out of sight sooner. After all, everyone has a rebellious mentality;

Some people also said that “Today With You” can do nothing but follow the trend “Mountains Behind The Mountain”. Even they can be their publicity staff;

A small number of people were happily licking the screen.

In fact, the essential reason for “Today’s Diary” to spread faster than “Details of Mountain” was that netizens were more likely to see handsome guy fall in love with beautiful girl than to see a bunch of powerful actors who were there to show off their acting skills and patiently teach young actors.

There were still people who took screenshots of Huo Hanshan and Wu Yuedi to express their fancy expressions, and look forward to Today With You’s classic CP perfectly reproduced on TV.

But because this screenshot, something went wrong.

Lin Meng shook her head when she saw this: “If a person is unlucky, drinking cold water will also jam his teeth, they will …” It was so very ridiculous.

In the high-definition screenshots of netizens, unexpectedly cut-out figures similar to Huo Hanshan and Wu Yuedi were wearing the same costumes. They were waiting in the distance, and they could see their faces when they were taken.

It was even more exaggerated that even in a short interview with the field affairs, the two stand-in actors could be faintly photographed. ——Yes, both of them.

The male protagonist was a stand-in, and the female protagonist was also a stand-in.

You should know that Today With You was a complete morden urban love teleplay. In short, there was no martial arts at all.

In the parts seen in the screenshots, it was also obvious that stand-in actors were shooting love plots, which also meant that they even used stand-in actors for gentle drama.

This directly made the netizens on the forum angry, posts one after another, and scolded them in turn.

[Come and count, how many stand-ins for Today With You? One two three four five is just enough. 】

[I don’t understand. Why are there people washing the floor? If the stand-in and the stand-in are acting, what do they do? Are they overseeing? How are they embarrassed to be paid?】

[Can you not pull another actor into the water? It’s not that you can’t use a stand-in, but is it too much for you to use a stand-in in your gentle drama? 】

[Even the traffic idols can’t do such things. In the future, let the teleplay award open up a new project. What about the best stand-in award? See who is best at using stand-ins. 】

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