Chapter 20 Part 3

[Belated action or advice. In fact, I saw the stand-in recruitment advertisement in my circle of friends long ago, but I thought that there was a plot such as a car accident drama to be shot, so I did n’t post it. There are pictures and the truth. 】

Fans of Wu Yuedi and Huo Hanshan must not let netizens scold their idols. Whether they were right or wrong, fans would choose battles.

Some even used despicable tactics to try to pull everyone together into the water. As a result, a larger battle was triggered, and the heat rose along with it.

Wu Yuedi still attracted more firepower compared to it. After all, she has been said to have used a stand-in before, and she still left a lot of evidence on the Internet.

Huo Hanshan had a lot of news about his professionalism. In contrast, those who attacked him were also milder. They wanted him to “repent in time”.

After seeing half of the posts, it suddenly showed that it didn’t exist, Lin Meng wondered and looked at Xiao Wang.

Only when they refreshed the web page, they saw that the forum was full of cursing. Sometimes the more intense repressive measures, it was not the cessation but the double resistance.

[I’m just huh, can Ms. Wu and Mr. Huo who report me in real names come out and talk to me? Did I make a rumor about you? Waiting for the lawyer’s letter]

[Hot search topic has been removed, posts have been deleted, the original video has been closed too. Well, long live the money, right? I’m going to say aloud that Stand-in Wu and Stand-in Huo, they are all stand-in monsters! 】

[@Moderator, why did you delete my post? I just reprinted and took legal screenshots of public development online? And why did you take this dirty money? 】

“This …” Lin Meng shook his head uncommittedly. “Their PR is not calm.”

She had dealt with the troubles of game players before. if the channels for players’ voices were closed directly, it would only cause large-scale loss of players.

The correct solution was to apologize and compensate the gift pack immediately, and then start pretending that nothing happened.

If she encountered this kind of trouble, she would to find a hot topic in the forum, then ask someone to write a few posts that can cause discussion, divert the attention of netizens, and try to deal with it as cold as possible.

Then sent a clarification video, such as shooting a scene of useless stand-ins, to transfer the problem. In short, it took time to precipitate the problem.

They solved it simply and rudely, and the netizens could discuss it for at least half a day to a day.

“That’s what they deserve.” Xiao Wang made a smile smugly, very proud.

Lin Meng just smiled, but she was a little curious …

She was no longer a layman in the entertainment industry and knew nothing about the industry.

If she remembered correctly, wouldn’t Huo Hanshan use stand-ins very rarely? Why did he use a stand-in instead for this modern urban teleplay?

Huo Hanshan … he regretted it too!

Sitting in his own dressing room, Huo Hanshan got more and more angry, he was too wronged.

At that time, he was still shooting a teleplay. Because of Zhang Chenghu’s affairs, he was thinking about playing against True Dream Entertainment.

He immediately acted as the Today With You. As a result, the two teleplays at hand were connected end to end. He had to go back and forth between the two places in the first half of the shooting.

Then he noticed that Wu Yuedi took over a lot of business activities, and she let her stand-in act for her.

His screenwriter and Wu Yuedi’s screenwriter were both changing scripts. He rushed on both sides like this, how can he remember the lines that they changed not long ago.

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