Chapter 20 Part 4

He had to discuss with the director first to let the stand-in shoot the distant shots. After that, he finished another scene and then made good shots.

But he never expected that, even in the past half a month, he was exposed.

The culprit was True Dream Entertainment. If it weren’t for them, he wouldn’t have collaborated with an unprofessional actress like Wu Yuedi, and he wouldn’t have another one without finishing the teleplay.

The publicity staff, who had been sending notifications to delete posts, suddenly stood up. Shocking Huo Hanshan.

“How come you are so surprised?”

“Brother Han Shan. We removed the hot search topic, but it went up again!

He turned the computer around. On the hot search topic, Huo Hanshan and Wu Yuedi occupied half of the list. Even “Today With You” was also changed to the name #Today Use A Stand-in With You#.

“Remove them!” Did this need him to teach?

The publicity staff trembled and said, “I can’t remove it. I asked, and they said that someone paid for it, unless we increased the price.”

Huo Hanshan asked the price and fell into a long silence.

Bad reputation = Less money during this time.

Remove hot search topic = reputation get better = spend a lot of money.

So this money must be lost. He can only choose to lose slowly or one time?

Huo Hanshan flushed his face red and rolled up his sleeves: “Go, find Wu Yuedi! I’ll look for the producer later, and see who suffers after such a trouble.”

In the spacious office, Zhu Yushen walked to the floor-to-ceiling window. He looked down silently and was answering the phone.

“President Zhu, I have already bought the hot search topic. You can rest assured that I will continue to pay attention to it. If there is a similar public opinion incident involving your wife, I will immediately reflect it to you.” He was on the phone with the head of the company’s publicity department.

Almost no industry can be disconnected from the Internet. Lin Shen company’s games can sometimes climb to the top of the hot search topic once updated.

The company’s publicity department was more professional than those in some entertainment circles for such publicity channels.

“Well, keep an eye on everything and everything has to be reported.”

As soon as Zhu Yushen hung up, he heard someone knocking at the door behind him.

“Come in.”

It was Wen Xiaofu who walked in. She wore a floral half-sleeve skirt with a fancy hair and put it loose loosely. She looked extraordinarily gentle: “President Zhu, this is your coffee. I brought the cookies I made from home … “

Before she finished speaking, she froze there. After all, Zhu Yushen’s look at her eyes didn’t seem to be stunning, but instead … was silent?

Zhu Yushen frowned. “Secretary Wen, your clothes today…”

Wen Xiaofu bowed her head shyly.

“Don’t you think your dress is inopportune? I thought you had received training before joining the group. Don’t you have the minimum professionalism as a secretary?” He thought for a while, “Secretary Zhang will accompany me these days. You go to the general office to re-learn the staff rules and relevant regulations of the secretariat. After passing the assessment, you can return to work. “

The mood in Wen Xiaofu’s eyes was beating wildly, and her anger was speechless. But she put up with it, smiled softly, and was about to turn away.

“Secretary Wen.”

A joy in her heart, she turned slowly.

“Coffee remains on the table.” Zhu Yushen stopped looking at her and started working on the documents.

Wen Xiaofu stepped back with a smile, and clenched her hands tightly. If not because …

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  1. Good on you ZYS! Tell that little gold digging THOT to stop being so shameless!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. This is great lol
    I still don’t like Zhu Yushen, but It was nice what he did in this chapter.
    Thank you!

    1. I hated him too at first, but then i read from spoilers that there’s a reason for him to be that way..why he works all the time and why he kept giving expensive gifts to his wife, eventhough he didn’t picked them himself. I have to say, I don’t really hate him anymore.

  3. He still gets no brownie points, but in the far future perhaps he may have One brownie. PERHAPS.

  4. I absolutely stand with ZYS. It’s a nice gesture to protect your wife, even if she doesn’t need it. Still it shows his mind is on her. Probably started relating to her now that he’s on the receiving end of how he used to behave with her. Obviously not fooled by that secretary. Good for him!

    What I love about this story is how real it is. In the original line, they were both at fault for their marriage ending. In this line, both are working on themselves first, so eventually they can still each bring something to the other. And eventually save their relationship. Just like in real life.

    Thank you so much for the chapters!

  5. Se podría decir que la secretaria era una sustituta para el protagonista después de todo la protagonista dijo que se parecía a ella cuando era más joven. Pero en esta línea de tiempo ella no hizo escándalo por lo que el marido no ha llegado a disgustarse y esta haciendo lo posible para que ella vuelva a ser la misma mujer que piensa en él

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