Chapter 21 Part 1

On the same day, Today With You’s crew immediately held a short meeting.

At the end of the meeting, all the people who came out of that room door were full of anger. Wu Yuedi in particular, her beautiful face was deformed because of the anger.

The rest came out one after another, only Huo Hanshan’s face looked relatively better, but not much better.

Ordinary crew members did not dare to listen, they pretended not to pay attention, but could not help discussing it in private. Anyway, the hot search topic hung up for a while that day, and it took almost two hours after the meeting to be removed.

As for how much money was spent on the hot search topic? Ordinary crew members did not dare to say or ask, but they thought it must be an amazing number.

After that day, the production, which never paid attention to the cost, suddenly stood by the crew every day. It seemed that the crew who overpaid for a penny was choking on his flesh, which was completely different from the generosity of the previous.

Even a fool could associate two things.

Originally in the crew, the most diligent work was to monitor the “Today With You” publicity group of the official Weibo of “Mountains Behind The Mountain” 24 hours a day in real time.

But now they have made a big mistake, they were as frustrated as frosted eggplants, and they treat the publicity work coldly. After all, the less you did,the less mistakes you could make.

The original fierce Weibo battlefield became the world of “Mountains Behind The Mountain” after they withdrew. This has also made the official Weibo of the “Mountains Behind The Mountain” crew more and more popular, and they have repeatedly broken through. The “Mountains Behind The Mountain” crew was also analyzed by the teacher as a marketing example.

The combination of Zhu Xufang and Lin Meng perfectly achieved the effect of one plus one and more than two.

The two teamed up, one of them used his skills to master the shooting rhythm, and the other was the perfect assistant to give them all the help they could provide.

The progress of shooting was faster than expected. If it were not for the new business of Lin Meng, they estimated that everyone could get off work early every day.

Cheng Aiming held a cup of Pu’er tea, and since he started studying with Zhu Xufang, he has also been influenced by Director Zhu, and has lived a healthy lifestyle like an elderly person: “President Lin, what do we do with the clips these days?”

He was curious, Xiao Wang and Lin Meng were pointing at the laptop, as if they were correcting something.

Lin Meng suddenly took out an unknown script written by Zhang Chenghu and distributed it to the actors. This script was thinner than the script of “Mountains Behind The Mountain”.

It was still telling stories about the family, and the lines clearly showed Zhang Chenghu’s style. However, Cheng Aiming looked at it from the director’s point of view, and he always felt that the script seemed like fragmented clips. Or more like an MV script, it was unclear and left out too much.

Lin Meng sent additional overtime pay to the crew members. In addition, the daily shooting progress could be ended in advance, everyone was in a good mood and high efficiency.

Every day after shooting, they shot the contents of the unknown script and copied it to Lin Meng alone.

Cheng Aiming asked Zhu Xufang curiously, but the other person’s face looked very mysterious, and he couldn’t get the answer.

What exactly was this for?

If it was a new teleplay, there was no project and no contract; if it was a reshoot, it couldn’t be connected; could it be sidelights? After all, even a few of their directors made guest appearances?

Lin Meng deliberately groaned mysteriously for a moment: “What do you think?”

“I can’t think of it.”

Xiao Wang next to him, covering her mouth with hand, and she was in snicker. She couldn’t help laughing.

“After teleplay determines the schedule, the answer will be announced on time. Please pay attention to our official teleplay Weibo. It will be there.” Lin Meng gave a time notice mysteriously, and went to the next room holding the computer with Xiao Wang.

There was only a curious look of Cheng Aiming in situ, he couldn’t wait to know the answer, but unfortunately he could only know the answer when the teleplay set the date.

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  1. I have a feeling the extra clips they’ve shot is to give the audiences alternative plot lines – like Goosebumps alternate endings where the reader chooses the next course of action and you end up with various possible endings (not a spoiler but I could be right)

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