Chapter 21 Part 2

@teleplay “Mountains Behind The Mountain”: Today we have done our work! Please look forward to it, and soon the teleplay will officially meet you!

Netizens gave a warm response.

“Congratulations, looking forward to release! I will take my mother to watch it and give you ratings. “

“Mountains Behind The Mountain”, also known as the teacher and student crew, is not only the end of the work today, but also the graduation ceremony of the students, right? Heh~heh~”

“Thank you to the crew for your care of Xiao Ming. One of the top ten of the Central Academy of Drama, a new star in acting, who can also sing and dance, the future is worth looking forward to!”

This teacher and student was a stalk in the crew of “Mountains Behind The Mountain”. Almost every issue of “Details of Mountain” was able to capture scenes where the “teachers” in the crew were giving lectures.

Sometimes director Zhu Xufang was sitting in the director’s chair and talking to Cheng Aiming and He Fangming. The two of them sat side by side, took notes quickly, and listened carefully.

Sometimes the senior actors in the crew were catching the little actors who acted as children, telling them carefully, from walking, looking for cameras, to lines, emotions, and even doing demonstrations themselves. They once shot Wang Fangyi shouting “Mom” with tears, the effect was shocking and made people want to laugh.


In short, this teleplay that has been with everyone during the shooting period, suddenly said goodbye, it made some netizens who have been following Weibo a little bit reluctant. They put this teleplay on the list of “Must Watch” .

In accordance with the usual practice, the crew members will gather for the last time after shooting. Lin Meng booked a hall, where usually for weddings, in the most famous local seafood restaurant.

She ordered all the signature dishes and unlimited drinks. Anyone who worked in the show, including extra actors, received invitations.

There was a bright light in the hall that night, and there was a lot of fun. There was a producer who could manage the crew’s affairs well.

There was almost no chance of conflict between the crew members. Now sitting together, they were happy.

There were Lin Meng and three directors on the main table, as well as several protagonists. This table only had low-degree beer.

Zhu Xufang sighed in his seat. He had gout, and Lin Meng asked the waiter to remove the turntable on the table.

Every dish with seafood was on the side where he couldn’t get up. Let alone wine, he couldn’t even take a sip.

Seeing Zhu Xufang was not in a good mood, Lin Meng took out this thick script from her bag and put it into Zhu Xufang’s hands: “Director Zhu, would you like to take a look?”

“What is this?”

Lin Meng explained: “When Zhang Chenghu came to the company for an interview, a screenwriter named Yu Xi also interviewed. The script he wrote was not fully formed at that time, so I asked him to continue writing. Two happy events came together, today he also submitted the script. “

Zhu Xufang recognized Lin Meng’s taste very much. After hearing what she said, Zhu Xufang couldn’t help but immediately opened the script: “I’ll take a look first, and eat later.” He had glasses in his pocket at all times, and he was now wearing them.

He Fangming next to him was envious: “President Lin, do you have any more? I want to see it too.”

Lin Meng opened the bag and could vaguely see that there were two scripts in it. She took one and put it in He Fangming’s hands.

Cheng Aiming glanced over and retracted. He saw that Lin Meng didn’t mean to give him the initiative, he held out his hand cheekily: “President Lin, can you lend me a copy?” He just looked at it, should it be okay?

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  1. “Zhu Xufang sighed in his seat. He had gout, and Lin Meng asked the waiter to remove the turntable on the table.“

    Hahaha what a big baby – just picturing his deflated expression makes me laugh!

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