Chapter 21 Part 3

He got the script from Lin Meng as he wished, and he immediately enjoyed it and was very engaged.

Zhu Xufang was well versed in reading script skills, and he frowned: “This script …”

“The script is good, but the results are difficult to say.” Zhu Xufang hesitated to give his own evaluation.

This script felt a bit like “STRANE STORIES FROM A CHINESE STUDIO”, connecting small stories one after another, each of them meaningful, or like fable stories? Zhu Xufang had difficulty finding the exact adjectives.

Lin Meng nodded, and she said with a serious face: “To be honest, you know that our company has made a lot of money for a web teleplay and a film produced so far. I thought about it, I also hope to shoot some more word-of-mouth and more artistic themes, which can also be regarded as a contribution to the film and television industry. “

Zhu Xufang heard these words pleasingly. Weren’t directors somewhat pursuing art? Just sometimes it was difficult to achieve a balance between art and commerce, and more and more people equated small costs with literary films.

This was not the case. Some literary films can also invest heavily, but too many people feel that they can’t bear to lose too much.

He took another look at the script: “This project has to do special effects and there are many scenes. It can’t be full of studio interiors, and there are big scenes such as explosions.” Zhu Xufang shook his head. “I estimate it will cost a lot of money.”

Lin Meng smiled: “Director Zhu, do you think I lack money?” She spread her hands and looked calm, her appearance almost shocked several people around her.

Zhu Xufang couldn’t help holding his forehead: “Yes, you’re right.” He already knew that their boss was very rich.

Losing money and earning word of mouth was really a good deal for anyone who had enough money.

“But Director Zhu, I didn’t plan to let you make this film.” Lin Meng said, poking straight into Director Zhu’s heart.

Zhu Xufang was unwilling: “Then you show me this script, aren’t you stimulating me?”

When he saw a good script, he began to simulate the narrative rhythm in his mind. Whether to shoot the scene or start the conversation first, frame by frame began to pass in his mind.

“I would like to ask you to do a joint production, or art direction, to help make check. I have watched for each of your works during this time, you may not be able to shoot this kind of film.”

She did take the time to research. Zhu Xufang’s style was detail-oriented, and the rhythm was not unsatisfactory. Letting him make a teleplay that tells a small story in one or two episodes, Lin Meng didn’t find it appropriate.

Zhu Xufang watched Lin Meng for a while and nodded and admitted: “President Lin, you are slowly becoming a mature producer now.”

Lin Meng just smiled: “Director He, like Director Zhu, the style is not suitable for you. So I want to ask Director Zhu and Director He to help me see if there is any suitable person in the circle to recommend this. The project will start soon. “

He Fangming also nodded, he was not interested in this script.

Zhu Xufang stroked his chin thoughtfully: “Let me think, whether any director I know is suitable.”

Cheng Aiming, who was sitting nearby, ran his hand over the script and stared at Director Zhu with a jerk, but he didn’t attract Zhu Xufang’s attention at all.

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