Chapter 21 Part 4

Zhu Xufang has been in the editing room for a long time. Zhuang Sisi and Gu Dong, who have participated in many variety shows recently, were called back to sing the theme song and ending song and left.

Just after the end of post-production, Lin Meng began to contact the production director of some TV stations.

The first television station she found was the Lemon TV that was called by netizens.

Lemon TV has been the leader of domestic TV stations since more than ten years ago. Their ratings have always been in front of domestic TV stations, especially for several teleplay theaters.

As long as we can cooperate with Lemon TV, it was basically guaranteed to be higher than the peak ratings of many TV stations.

True Dream Entertainment was only a small ant in front of the TV station now. Lin Meng waited for a long time at the entrance of the office of Lemon TV and was unable to wait for the production director.

Finally, a clerk from this department came out to entertain her, and the person was quite polite.

“President Lin, please put the materials here first. When our director returns, I will give him the teleplay.”

Lin Meng glanced at the time, and it was time to get off work soon. It was estimated that she could not wait for the production director, so she left the materials and contact information.

She was about to fly to City S to contact the production director of the local Dajiang TV station.

Dajiang TV station was known as the third TV station in their province, but its third was a lot worse than the other two in front of it.

This TV station broadcast all year round allied teleplays with other TV stations, and rarely had the right of solo broadcasting.

As for the second TV station, Lin Meng called and asked in advance. The other party’s share of teleplay purchases this year was already full.

Only the position of the Anti-Japanese War teleplay was not full, and they could not enter the urban teleplay. They regretfully rejected Lin Meng.

This work was not only hard, but it was easy to be shut out. Ning Qi was worried that Lin Meng couldn’t handle it. He planned to come over in a hurry and was directly rejected by Lin Meng.

Due to delays in time on Lemon TV, Lin Meng landed in the evening, so she called ahead to make an appointment for the next afternoon.

But just the next afternoon she was about to go out, she received a call from Lemon TV production director Fang Jun.

“Hello President Lin, I’m really sorry, yesterday our clerk didn’t tell you clearly. I just scheduled about a teleplay, and the next stage will be scheduled after the National Day next year. After all, the same type of teleplay can not be gathered together. I wonder if you can wait? “

Lin Meng thought about it, she could accept this statement, but the waiting time was indeed too long.

They hoped that the teleplay could be broadcast in the summer vacation. The publicity plan had been arranged and they had started to warm up.

She only said that she had to discuss with the people in the company. Then she hung up and entered the gate of Dajiang TV station.

“Director, our teleplays are not full this year. Why we talk about next year?” The clerk next to him was a little puzzled. “And there were no other companies to visit in the past two days.” Why didn’t he know that the director scheduled about another teleplay?

Fang Jun laughed and said nothing.

Of course, he didn’t have to explain so much to a small clerk, how to measure the benefits. He also didn’t have to be taught by others.

Compared to the benefits promised by the other party, it was just that they would not allow True Dream Entertainment’s teleplay to air on their stations this year.

This was not difficult to do, he knew how to choose.

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  1. Heh, somebody is going to really regret that decision soon. Also I love that Lin Meng’s husband is trying to help out behind the scenes. ^_^

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