Chapter 22 Part 1

All parties had a good talk. As soon as the broadcast time of the teleplay was determined, the publicity battle began vigorously.

What netizens did not expect was that “Today With You”, which disappeared for a long time, suddenly back in the game after the announcement of “Mountains Behind The Mountain”.

They directly announced that “Today With You” will be aired exclusively on Lemon TV’s Golden Theater, scheduled for July 6.

Some netizens who saw this date were keenly aware of what they did. The netizens immediately switched the webpage to the official Weibo of “Mountains Behind The Mountain”.

Sure enough, the two enemies confronted each other and actually set the broadcast time of the telepaly on the same day. Just one at Lemon TV Station and the other at Da Jiang TV Station.

Nobody believed this would be a coincidence.

This battle-scheduled time, let netizens on the Internet could not help but participate in the discussion.

They bet publicly, and they made many promises that made people laugh, such as eating keyboards on live, dancing upside down, and so on.

[Open a market, everyone comes to vote quickly. Today With You and “Mountains Behind The Mountain”, the pair of bitter enemy, which one is the most popular? 】

[I like “Mountains Behind The Mountain” … so I voted “Today With You”. Thinking rationally, Lemon TV Station’s market share is too high.

So far this year, their ratings have been ahead of other TV stations.

Coupled with “Today With You” is this kind of urban love teleplay, or adaptation of best-selling books. Whatever I think, I don’t think its ratings can be bad. 】

[Male protagonist: Huo Hanshan, with this name, do you still need to consider it? Although I have a better opinion of “Mountains Behind The Mountain”, I cannot find a reason why “Today With You” will lose. 】

[It’s a pity. Although I prefer the theme of “Mountains Behind The Mountain”, I also feel that the directors take this teleplay very seriously. But there are too many restrictions on cooperating TV Stations.

Why not simulcast? Find other stations to simulcast together. In the end, the influence may be greater. 】

[This vote was almost one-sided. Although there are a lot of scandals in “Today With You”, everyone’s true thoughts have been reflected when it comes to voting. After all, the box office guarantee is not the same as the viewing guarantee. 】

The current publicity has paid more and more attention to the direction of public opinion on the Internet. The voting trend of posts has just come out, and some people have taken this as their own credit.

“Producer, the popularity of the news just announced has come out, our hot search topic rank is 13, and they are 19. We have operated it, and moved it to the sixth position.” This operation mechanism everyone understand.

The producer of “Today With You” was fat. When he smiled, the meat was crowded, and his eyes were almost invisible: “Well, you did a good job.”

He told publicity staff to have to take credit on this occasion. One was to reassure everyone, and the other was to reflect the importance that Yuexin Entertainment put on publicity.

The producer had already drank too much at this time, and he greeted everyone at the table to toast: “Han Shan, Yue Di, let’s toast Director Fang together. “He stood up and held up his glass. “Thank you for helping us this time. “

Fang Jun smiled: “It is better to cooperate and support each other in the future.” He often participated in such social intercourse. After all, his position can decide too much.

The producer took the initiative to drink another glass of wine: “This is for sure.”

after drinking, the two sides were also very casual in speaking, Fang Jun smiled: “At that time, you have to promote more and increase the popularity. Han Shan and Yue Di, bring more people to our TV station to participate in variety shows. I’ve talked to the variety show group, and you can be on the show as guests. “

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  1. I can’t wait for them to lose and see the ratings “Mountains” will get.

    Thank you very much for the chapters!

  2. Suddenly I thought of FL marriage, she’s able to drown in her work to avoid scum husband future infidelity.

    This is different from her infatuated self in the dream, who fought so hard for her marriage.

    Surprisingly, when she learn to let go now, scum husband come running back to her.


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