Chapter 22 Part 2

This was one of the important reasons why he chose “Today With You” over “Mountains Behind The Mountain”.

On the one hand, their TV station had previously confiscated True Dream Entertainment’s teleplays, and Zhu Xufang hadn’t shot teleplays very much. He didn’t have to watch it, and his expectations for the teleplay were very low.

On the other hand, the composition of Today With You’s crew was considered a quality guarantee. Although the director made a lot of teleplays that some people could not accept, but the ratings were very high, not to mention the actors who could guarantee the ratings.

The production company of Yuexin Entertainment also promised that not only the protagonists of the crew, but even those fresh meats of Yuexin Entertainment could come to the show as long as they were needed by Lemon TV Station.

He brought in so many guests, and the variety show department in the TV station would be very grateful to him.

The most important thing was because the asking price of Today With You was discounted. It was worth five million less than the market price, very cost-effective.

The producer who made the discount decision was not stupid. It was released on Lemon TV Station, and there was a possibility that the viewing would be large.

At that time, the money lost at this discount could be recovered on the right to broadcast on the Internet.

Let alone entertainers and protagonists participate in the variety show. The ratings of variety shows on Lemon TV Station were usually not too bad.

There were many entertainers in the company who wanted such resources, and he didn’t think the company was losing.

The only two protagonists who would become a problem were very obedient because of the previous storms. They were also willing to cooperate with publicity, and they could whitewash scandals on the show.

This was a perfect win-win situation. No, it was a win-win-win situation.

“I wish your teleplay the highest ratings in the first place!” Fang Jun drank his drink. In the first half of this year, their ratings were higher than other TV stations.

He believed that Today With You will surely make a good start for Lemon TV Station in the second half of the year.

“President Lin, netizens are not very optimistic about our teleplay ratings at the moment.” Xiao Wang handed the tablet to Lin Meng. “Da Jiang TV Station is indeed not as good as Lemon TV Station. Their official Weibo has less popularity and quality than Lemon TV Station. “

Lin Meng was calm and relaxed with coffee.

She thought about it long ago. If she made another profit this time, she wouldn’t be afraid. She had to buy a building directly, and by that time she would keep it under the company name and use it as company assets.

If there was a surplus, wouldn’t it be possible to distribute cars, improve employee benefits, pay dividends to all employees and raise salaries?

What if she didn’t make money? It was so perfect that she didn’t have to think about how to spend the money.

Lin Meng looked steady and didn’t care about gains and losses. Xiao Wang looked at Lin Meng quietly, and her heart also calmed down.

President Lin deserved to be the boss. She wouldn’t be shocked when she encounters anything. She should learn more about the stability of the boss.

“It’s okay, you know the quality of our teleplay. We rely on quality to win. Besides, didn’t we arrange publicity before? Publicity keeps up, it can drive viewership. “

Xiao Wang tangled: “But our publicity method is different from others, and I don’t know if the effect is good or not.”

When President Lin first expressed her idea, she only felt that it was exquisite, and she couldn’t wait to turn it into reality immediately. But the closer to the release time, she also began to struggle, fearing that the effect would not be good.

“If the effect is not good, take it as accumulated experience. If the effect is good, we can innovate for the industry. Xiao Wang, don’t be nervous. Even if this film can only earn reputation, I am happy.”

When Wang Wang was going out, she thought of another thing: “President Lin, when I was just coming in, I always saw Director Cheng Aiming walking around. Maybe he have something to tell you? “

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