Chapter 22 Part 3

“Then you ask him if he wants to come in, I’m not busy right now.” Lin Meng responded casually, and she knew why Cheng Aiming came.

When she mentioned this, she had to say the script she gave at the last dinner. Director Zhu just sent his recommendation list last night, with the words “Cheng Aiming” on it.

Lin Meng was going to pull out Director Chen’s contact information from the contact and asked if the other party wanted to cooperate. The old fox Zhu Xufang sent a message: “President Lin, don’t find Xiao Chen first. You need to wait, he will come to you tomorrow. “

Director Zhu’s priest-like appearance was mysterious, and Lin Meng didn’t ask enough because she didn’t give enough curiosity.

Cheng Aiming actually appeared in the company today, but he didn’t enter the office for a long time, walking around the door so that even Xiao Wang found his strange behavior.

“Hello President Lin.”

“Director Chen please sit down.” Lin Meng just looked up and saw the A4 size paper envelope that Cheng Aiming held in his hand.

Director Chen was dressed in a formal dress like never before, not unlike the wandering artist who appeared in the crew before, now he was wearing a suit and tie, sitting upright.

How did this scene look familiar?

Cheng Aiming pushed the envelope across the table to Lin Meng: “President Lin, please have a look.”

“What is this?” Lin Meng opened it, and she raised an eyebrow subconsciously.

What appeared to her was a particularly non-standard resume, which seemed to be a template found on the Internet, and it was a bit strange that Cheng Aiming changed it.

In the position of his work experience, he filled in the films he has taken over the years, and marked the box office and annual results at the back. The only thing that didn’t look good was his debut and the “Love Across The World” that had previously played against “The Path To Becoming Immortal”.

The list of awards at the bottom was full of high-level awards … in the upper left corner, he even printed his colorful ID photos squarely.

“It’s like this …” Cheng Aiming licked his lips. “I’m here to apply for a job. I love that script … There is a collection of my film in the envelope. In fact, many people don’t know much about me. When I was still in school in the early years, my graduation work was a suspense film. It also won the award for outstanding graduation work that year. I think I am very good at creating atmosphere. Although I haven’t filmed teleplay, I have learned a lot from director Zhu as associate director this time. “

When he returned, he was full of that script.

One of the most obvious features of commercial scripts was routineization. The so-called new idea can only add a little change to the original routine shell.

In the past few years, although the external evaluation of him was good, but he knew in his heart that he shot the same thing over and over again.

Cheng Aiming has long wanted to break through himself, but others have come to his name as a great director of love films. Most of the scripts others gave him were love themes, and each one was more delicate than the other.

Even if there were occasionally someone who dared to take risks, other types of scripts were delivered in the form of cast a net everywhere. The quality of that script was usually not good, and he could only shake his head.

“Director Chen, I think you should know that there is a high probability that our teleplay will not be on TV, and it is probably a web teleplay.”

“I know.” Cheng Aiming waved openly. Other directors may felt that this was not a good grade, but he felt that it was a rare opportunity to shoot his favorite script and cooperate with a good team to achieve self-breakthrough. In comparison, face and grade were not important.

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