Chapter 22 Part 4

“I see.” Lin Meng nodded in a stern way, but she wanted to laugh a bit. Director Zhu understood his little fanboy’s mind clearly. “Of course, we are very willing to cooperate with you. Director Zhu also told us that you are a very good director.

I believe that you will be able to make this teleplay well. I will let the legal staff prepare a cooperation contract later, let’s talk about it when the legal staff comes. “

Hearing Director Zhu praised him, Cheng Aiming raised his smile at the corner of his mouth, but he immediately frowned: “Wait, I’m here to apply for a job.” He said in stress.

“Job search?”

“In simple terms, I hope to reach a long-term cooperative relationship with your company like Director Zhu. During this period, I will try to obey the company’s shooting assignments. If I have the appropriate script, I will also apply to the company.”

Cheng Aiming has been a “self-employed” for ten years. Although he was an excellent director, he was not an excellent boss. The model of other directors who set up their own companies and opened studios was not suitable for him.

Cheng Aiming had long wanted to find an “organization”. According to his understanding, there were many pits in the circle. Many companies’ script for directors was difficult to say.

Unless they were able to win awards of that level in the world, they could not shoot according to their own wishes and plan their time.

But now, the perfect company in his dream appeared, with his idol and the perfect producer attached. He was reluctant to miss the preferential strength of buy one get three free.

“You mean that you want to work for a long time in our company?” Lin Meng couldn’t help but confirm again.

Director He was not well-known in the past, and Director Zhu was old and did not like changes. She could understand the reasons why the two signed a long-term contract. But Cheng Aiming, what was his reason?

Cheng Aiming nodded solemnly, his eyes did not shake.

“… Okay.” The other party wanted to sign a contract, and it would seem strange if she refused. It’s okay, a director who had an artistic pursuit and would spend a lot of money was a good director.

From another perspective, there was one more person in the company, and then there would be more people involved in sharing money. Well, we all have the same goal. Perfect.

Lin Meng arranged for legal staff to get a contract of the same specifications as Director Zhu. Cheng Aiming took a cursory look, and immediately signed his name. He didn’t even plan to take it back to consult a lawyer.

After signing the contract, he was relieved. He asked Lin Meng to return his dream script to him, and relaxedly told Lin Meng that he was already considering choosing roles.

And then … Cheng Aiming went out quickly with the script. He said that he would go to the art director to discuss the work afterwards. Lin Meng always thought that Cheng Aiming had another intention.

After Cheng Aiming went out, Lin Meng stayed in the room and couldn’t help laughing.

Director Cheng Aiming came to the crew to learn and learn to sell himself?

True Dream Entertainment was still small, there have been only five entertainers and screenwriters so far. But there were three directors, and two of them were famous outside.

If the directors had a hive like the bees, Lin Meng even suspected that she must have stung the director’s hive. Otherwise, why do directors try to fly to her?

Of course, Lin Meng was completely unclear. Director Zhu had secretly told Cheng Aiming countless benefits about their company, similar to brainwashing. He worked hard for the company’s recruitment, which can be called a propaganda little expert.

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  1. Thanks for the updates. But what does “she must have pinned directors’ nest, otherwise why would a director always try to “send her arms” ?” mean?

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