Chapter 23 Part 1

At nine o’clock in the evening, for some people, one day’s work has been completed and they can prepare for bed time.

For some people, at this time, they have just finished their busy work and were on their way home.

Lu Lingling just came out of the company. Their company pursued the 996 system, it was normal to get off work at 9 pm. Fortunately, the company was next to the subway station, which could catch the subway.

She found a place to sit down. She didn’t mean to look around. After all, if she looked up, she would only see one face after another as tired as her.

Lu Lingling hung up her headset and opened Weibo. As soon as she refreshed her homepage, there flashed out a video that somebody just posted.

The video was posted on the official Weibo of “Mountains Behind The Mountain”.

At first Lu Lingling was dissatisfied with the abuse of stand-in by Today With You, so she followed this Weibo smoothly. And she hasn’t unfollowed it since.

She was bored now, and she opened the video with the feeling of passing the time, but this video could not be played directly, and the webpage jumped to the well-known barrage website H station.

“[Interactive video] When you are middle-aged, you have encountered 10,000 choices.”

Lu Lingling glanced at the comments, the video was posted at 8 o’clock, and now there were more than 2,000 comments. The top hot comments were all “tears, moving” and other words.

She sneered, thinking that this must be the paid forum posters. She gave birth to a rebellious mentality and opened the video. When she finished watching it, she must scold a few words with good reason.

Video playback and soundtracks were soft and light music. At the beginning, it was a meticulous choice not commonly found in ordinary interactive videos.

Gender? Of course, female.

Occupation? Among housewives, doctors, and corporate clerks, Lu Lingling chose a corporate clerk who was more similar to her current job.

The following videos started with a first-person perspective. “I” is called Xiaofang. Now forty-two years old, as an accountant in a private company, the position was director, but I only earned more than 2,000 more than the staff members below.

My son was sixteen this year, and he just entered his first year of high school. He was in a period of rebellion. My husband had to stay in the capital for one month because of the problem of graduate school.

“Last week, your mother fell at home. After a few days in the hospital, the doctor confirmed that she had to undergo surgery. This morning, she just finished the operation.

Because she can’t move, she needs someone to accompany her. The son just went to high school and the school was away from home. Far away, you were picked him up every day before;

but now it is exactly at the end of the month, the company needs to make reimbursement, another accountant has taken maternity leave, according to the previous practice, you must work overtime. “

It was interesting. Lu Lingling focused her attention slightly, and chose a relatively acceptable option in the detailed options: “Go to the hospital at noon and evening every day, let the son settle for lunch at school, ask for leave from the boss and leave one hour early each morning and afternoon. “

The story continued. Unlike other videos, this video was performed by a real person. Like the sixteen-year-old son here, Lu Lingling remembered that he was an actor in “Mountains Behind The Mountain”, and she had seen photos of makeup before.

“With your careful care, your mother is getting better, and she can get out of bed and walk. But at this time, the boss of the company called you to the office. He blamed you for not completing your duties properly.

It’s a big problem. Due to inadvertent calculations and missed wages, many people will have to pay an additional three-digit personal income tax if they are paid again next month. “

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