Chapter 23 Part 2

In the video, a somewhat familiar actor was scolding “me”, and then a piece of paper flew towards the camera. “I” looked down. This was a notice of dismissal. “I ” was fired.

Gradually, she was hard to treat with the mind of playing games, she was brought into the scene with emotional dubbing, each choice will bring different consequences.

After resigning, she chose to hide her family first, and had to go to the job search place and the hospital and school every day.

She was rejected by one company after another because she had to leave work early every day for one month before joining.

The neglected sons in this period actually got together with the bad boys in school.

In fact, every choice will not lead to the “worst” result. Even if you didn’t care about your mother, there would be someone to help her, but you would be alienated from your mother, and you would lose her bad reputation.

If you only had a job, you would keep your job opportunity. If you managed your son every day, your son would not be mixed with the bad boy, but your son might enter a period of rebellion because of too strict discipline.

There was a chance to call your husband to complain about it. The husband would return from the capital hurriedly.

Because he failed to complete the defense, he could not obtain a degree certificate. After one year, he lost his qualification for promotion.

Every option was too real. Including when you were tired to go home, facing an ignorant child, if you chose to preach, you had to criticize for an hour, and you might be affected by drowsiness the next day;

if you chose to scold and scold for only fifteen minutes, your son’s mood would be very bad, even arguing with her; if you ignored it, your son would become worse, but it would not affect work.

It was like … a text selection game. The problem was that every option that appeared was performed lively in the video, and the acting skills were superb, making you feel like you were there.

You said you were too tired, and your mother would secretly wipe tears on the bed, and then you would hear the person next door saying that she cried for a day after you left.

If you could not help losing your temper with your son, he would not understand why everyone else’s mother knew respect for the child and you didn’t know anything. Then he closed the door and left.

If you asked your husband for help, he was willing to return home immediately, but soon you will sit in bed together and start to have headaches for distressed family expenses.

The video came to an end. Everything finally passed, and all the choices brought very different results.

Suddenly the screen turned black with a long string of text.

“Middle-aged, you have the elderly and the young. You cannot lose your job, you have to care about your family.

No one knows that every day you go over mountains and mountains, the test is like a mountain after another.

The confusion of family members sometimes makes you want to give up. But after sighing and tears, you have to go over the mountains. “

The black screen ended and the video continued to play.

About 70 years old Xiaofang appeared on the screen. Her hair was gray and mixed. She was watching TV with her husband at the moment. She watched the TV and suddenly remembered that her mother was clapping her hands before she died. “It’s hard for you.”

The son who had just returned home rubbed his face before entering the door, trying to make himself look better, and said with a smile during the meal, “Mom, you have worked hard for so many years.”

“You see, the wrong choices at that time did not necessarily lead to bad results. But only you know how hard and painful you are every time you make a choice.”

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  1. That’s a very interesting (and depressing) ad. Very realistic, except the part about the son
    suddenly going bad because his mom couldn’t pick him up ftom school for a month, lol.

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