Chapter 23 Part 3

—— “Mountains Behind The Mountain”, at 8 pm on July 6th. We met with you at Da Jiang TV Station, telling you the story of a group of middle-aged people walking over mountains.

The last publicity message naturally stopped in the screen. It was neither unexpected nor disgusting.

The female voice on the subway began to broadcast: “Shanming Road Station has arrived …”

Lu Lingling became accustomed to this voice. She stood up subconsciously and followed the crowd. When she reached halfway, her eyes suddenly became hot, and a lot of tears were wiped away.

She walked out of the subway station and immediately picked up the cell phone to call her mother who was far away at her hometown. Her voice shook when she answered the phone: “It’s nothing, I just miss you, and I’ll go back after Mid-Autumn Festival.”

She suddenly remembered that her dad had a car accident when she was in elementary school, and he was hospitalized for a month. Her mother exploded every day like a gunpowder. She was not sensible at that time, and went home dirty every day.

Once when her mother helped her take a bath, mother couldn’t help but hit her and said she was too ignorant. At that time, she cried and said. “I hate my current mother and give me back my former mother.”

Mother’s face was blurred in memory. Lu Lingling couldn’t remember, at that time her mother was crying, disappointed or angry. Now recalling, she just wanted to go back to the past, give her mother a hug and say, I’m sorry for your hard work.

This interactive video climbed directly to the top page of the website’s leaderboard with amazing playback and comments.

On Weibo, a series of topics such as the middle-aged crisis and 10,000 choices were brought to the hot search topic ranking.

@Lingling don’t want to work overtime: “I want to transfer this video to everyone on my homepage. We, who did not understand the mountains that our parents encountered, are now facing our mountains.

At that time we did not understand our parents, and now we may have children and close people who do not understand us.

I’m looking forward to “Mountains Behind The Mountain” more and more. To move tonight, I think I will also give you a little ratings.”

@Say goodnight tomorrow: “I am a middle-aged programmer who perfectly fits the characters in the video. Every choice is like what I am about to face. I was equally apprehensive.

If I suddenly left my job, would I be able to withstand the pressure of jumping off a high-rise building like a companion; I also did not know if I could frankly say to my family that I was fired, and then change from the top pillar of my family Become a burden to the family;

I don’t even know how to deal with an out-of-control family income and expenditure system after I was unemployed when I was responsible for 70% of my family’s income.

This video made me think deeply, and also made me wonder what kind of story Mountains Behind The Mountain tells.”

@Still lazy before the college entrance examination: “I was discovered last month for reading a novel during class. My mother lost my temper when I returned home, and I still feel wronged to this day.

After watching the video, I suddenly wanted to beat myself. What am I wronged? Mother has to go to work every day, and she has to do housework when she comes back. I also caused her to be called to school by my teacher.

If I were my mother, I might hit the son, right? “

“Mountains Behind The Mountain” Interactive Video #.

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  1. Every morning when I wake up, I always look forward to this novel. The post is really fast. It just makes my day. You have worked hard too, Translator. Thank you very much.

  2. This novel is one of my favourites currently.
    I am not even middle-aged yet(under 30) and this still brought tear to my eye.
    I also low that mc isnt OP or some kind of super-genius like in most of these type of novels.

  3. Thank you for the update! I absolutely love this story. I like how the focus is on Lin Meng and her work. Her husband who was invisible and uninvolved in her life remains so. I was worried it would be one of those typical novels where all of a sudden, he meets her everywhere. It’s obviously intentional from the author and I love it! This story is well written and your translations are well done. Thank you very much!

  4. This made me teary. I appreciate myself and parent more for all the decisions made. So relatable.

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