Chapter 23 Part 4

These real-life posts together established an incomparable degree of real discussion. Some netizens even found out all the routes of this interactive video and made a video.

some netizens who only completed one or two routes discovered that “Mountains Behind The Mountain” really asked the actors to shoot different clips for each of the different options, without any coping.

Among them, there were still many bonus scenes that can’t be found without careful consideration.

For example, the boss who severely fired others was directed by director He Fangming as an actor; the smiling tiger class teacher in the school was played by director Cheng Aiming; when the family was hospitalized, the patient next door and the mother’s friend, the kind man was Zhu Xufang.

Of course, there was also a gap in the acting skills of the directors.

It was generally acknowledged that the ruthless boss played by He Fangming was the most embarrassing and made people want to beat him. The class teacher played by Cheng Aiming was very dissonance.

In fact, everyone knew that this interactive video was promoting and marketing, but almost no one expressed dislike for it.

In the words of a online marketing account, it was “Everyone hates marketing. What they hate is excessive, coping, and boring marketing. Really interesting, with effort marketing has real popularity, not air towers.”

This was the case.

At this point, “Mountains Behind The Mountain” completely overwhelmed “Today With You” in terms of rankings and search times. The only advantage of the latter over the former was probably only the Played Channel.

In the face of this reality, the people at Yuexin Entertainment finally couldn’t sit still.

After discussing with Lemon TV Station, they have recorded Wu Yuedi and Huo Hanshan, and the variety shows that were originally planned to be released one after another will be broadcast all at once. They also made several small variety shows urgently.

The two who had almost been fighting in the dressing room were forced to start showing affection and hype on couple relationships on various shows.

Their fans took the initiative to dispel rumors. Later, the parties couldn’t help but end up in person.

The two liked and commented on each other, sending each other’s meme everywhere, and when they were on the show, their eyes did not leave each other for a minute.

The editing masters from all walks of life shot together. The teleplay clips taken by the two of them were also cut out and made into a video of love in N World.

They counterattacked and came to the top of the CP list. Fans were shouting every day, my cp was true!

It was just that they didn’t know that Wu Yuedi and Huo Hanshan rolled their eyes at the photos of each other in the cell phone every day when they “opened”.

When teleplay was over, they would clear all the photos, and then never interact with each other again.

With the fancy publicity of the two teleplays, the costume dramas that will soon be broadcast on the Second Station have long been silent, as if this summer season only had Lemon TV Station and Da Jiang TV Station.

At 8 o’clock on July 6, the two teleplays rang the theme song at the same time after the advertisement was over.

Both the main creative team of two teleplays and the relevant personnel of two television stations have been nervously monitoring all the data after the broadcast.

Even Zhu Yushen, who just landed abroad, was too late to jet lag. He rejected the meeting, hurriedly entered the room, and opened the TV Station’s online live webpage.

Because the network was not smooth, the live broadcast looked a lot like PPT.

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  1. I’m really interested with how the ML will act, and did I sense a romance blooming between the ML and our Protagonist??? Yasss

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