Chapter 24 Part 1

The broadcast methods adopted by Lemon TV Station and Da Jiang TV Station were two episodes of Monday to Friday, closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Advertisements and naming rights before and after teleplay have been sold at quite amazing prices.

As the first teleplay this summer, in order to win the top spot, both TV stations worked hard to promote it. Trailers have been shown many times before and after other shows on television for publicity.

Lemon TV Station had a wealth of money and was very generous in publicity. By comparison, Da Jiang TV Station was a bit stingy.

Before the broadcast time had come, many families started a battle for remote control. Parents who were relatively old and held the power of remote control all year round dismissed the love teleplays young people like to watch.

Only a few people couldn’t snatch up the juniors at home and lost their remote controls.

In the conference room of True Dream Entertainment, a large-screen TV was specially installed in these two days. Several main creators were waiting for the premiere at this time.

The small TV on the side, the Lemon TV Station logo in the upper left corner was particularly noticeable.

As the saying goes– if you know yourself and your enemy, you’ll never lose a battle. Although they were unwilling to contribute ratings, they still had to observe the hostility.

Ning Qi, who was rarely available, was sitting in the conference room. He looked around and felt a little emotional.

How long has it been? Ning Qi, sitting with a few colleagues at Feng Liangliang’s house and watching “Love You Before Tomorrow” at that time, never thought that the size of the company would expand in almost a blink of an eye.

The company’s talent has increased, with the best web teleplay of the year, the film for the half-year box office championship, and the first teleplay on the TV will be broadcast soon.

Ning Qi’s eyes fell on Lin Meng ahead.

She was slender and her back was not wide. She was gentle and beautiful, but she had the ability to handle everything and absorb knowledge like a sponge to promote growth.

It would have been impossible for a company to develop so smoothly without such a central figure.

Some people said that True Dream Entertainment’s history was like a legend, and he thought so. ——A romantic dream came from their down to earth and staring at the starry boss.

Lin Meng didn’t know that Ning Qi was touting her behind her. Instead, her focus was on “Today With You”, which aired on the small screen next to her.

After all, she participated in “Mountains Behind The Mountain” from the beginning to the end. She rolled the script so that the corners were wrinkled, and she could recite a few lines.

“Today With You” has been playing with them all the time. This was the first time she saw its finished product.

She recalled the story about the script change made by He Dao before. She was really curious about what the teleplay would look like.

When she watched it for less than ten minutes, Lin Meng was speechless before the first advertisement was broadcast.

She was the person who saw the original introduction and book review of “Today With You”, so she was particularly confused about everything that appeared in front of her.

She even couldn’t help wondering if the TV station had made a mistake and put another teleplay under the name “Today With You”.

The original story was a story of mutual redemption.

The teenager had a father who was a gambler, and he was rebellious and irritable. When he opened the window every day, he could see in the window with poor shielding across the street.

The emaciated young girl was beaten and shivered by her mad mother, but her back was straight.

The two people who had seen each other’s most embarrassing side, remembered each other’s name in their hearts.

A few years later, they met again, wiping each other’s wounds with love, becoming semicircles that could fill each other.

The male protagonist who was full of positive energy, although his father was unreliable, but he was not affected.

He actively moved forward every day to earn living expenses and tuition by helping people carry things, and his thin shoulders carried the family.

How about the female protagonist?

The female protagonist was beaten by her mother, and often wept softly, but she had a crystal glass heart.

She was clean and kind, and always understood her mother’s emotions, soothed her mother to sleep every night, and touched her with love.


What were you doing to mutual redemption each other?

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  2. Hahaha the power of remote control
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