Chapter 24 Part 2

Lin Meng’s Mouth corner couldn’t help twitching twice, she wanted to laugh and felt speechless.

Seeing this, Lin Meng’s mind was full of the script that had been revised by Wu Yuedi. It wasn’t to say how bad the finished story was … but the core that once caused countless people to cry and be moved, was it still there?

The boy who was not so righteous, and the flowers that emerged from despair, they grew up in a difficult and cold land, but they had to make the world their own color, and then hug each other with thorns, how beautiful were they?

Now … it could only be said that the positive energy teenager and the positive energy girl were striving for self-improvement. They had a common environment for growth, and came together with great expectations for the future. It was really gratifying.

She retracted her eyes, and “Mountains Behind The Mountain” has reached one of the climax parts of the script.

Regarding the editing of the first episode, she worked with Zhu Xufang in the editing room for a long time, just to be able to achieve blockbuster and attract everyone’s attention.

The male protagonist Dong Jianqiang was fired at this time. After working in the company for more than ten years, he packed all his belongings, but he did not even fill a cardboard box.

He got into the car in the parking lot, and suddenly his emotions got out of control and he reached out and wanted to smash the steering wheel heavily.

when he was about to touch the steering wheel, his hands were tight and stopped in the air. a middle-aged man wanted face and self-esteem. He couldn’t let the security guard of the parking lot be attracted.

He laughed at himself: “Don’t make a news at that time. After the man was fired, he went crazy in the parking lot.” How shameful?

The cell phone rang, and a brisk voice came from the phone. His baby girl was calling.

“Dad, today our classroom will be used as an exam room for senior students. I went home early. Mom said she would cook a big meal for me at noon. Will you come back?”

“Of course, I will definitely return.”

Dong Shanjiao was a carefree girl: “The teacher said that there was a summer camp in Britain during the summer vacation. Do you think I can go?”

Dong Jianqiang just wanted to agree, but he fell silent again: “… Daddy is busy now. Let’s talk after I get off work.”

He hung up the phone, smoked a cigarette in the car, and opened the information on the cell phone. The monthly deductions for home and car loans were clearly displayed. He was unemployed, could he still give the child a good life?

He hesitated to call his brother and sister. The brisk voices of his brother and sister came from the phone, but he didn’t know that they seemed to have a smooth life, but they were actually encountering difficulties that belonged to them.

This episode of the teleplay came to an end. Dong Jianqiang, who hung up the phone, hid a box of treasures deep in the trunk and covered it with debris. He drove home, his eyes seemed to endless emotions.

The ending song of this time was sung by Gu Dong. He didn’t use any technique, but just sang in a straightforward manner, hitting every word in the heart.

Xiao Wang and several staff members took the lead in applauding. For them, they only touched some materials before. The first time they watched the teleplay, they were completely attracted.

“President Lin, this show will be successful!” They vowed, without hesitation in their voices.

Lin Meng just smiled. This teleplay was actually not so cheerful.

——although this was like a novel that was refreshing and comprehensible, there was depression, and there was also a sense of relaxation like a compressed spring suddenly released. Overall, it has been more depression.

As for Today With You, in terms of the clip she just watched, although it deviates a lot from the original, it can be considered a normal love drama.

Although there have been scandals before, but she didn’t see any traces of stand-in instead of acting. Their acting skills were also good, and she felt that the ratings of the other party would not be too bad.

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