Chapter 24 Part 3

“How is the current ratings?” Lin Meng asked.

A nearby employee who has been distracted to confirm the list said, “On the wild list, our real-time attention on the entire network is the second … but it has broken 2,500. “Today With You” is the first, and it has broken 3,000. On the front list, our real-time ratings is 1.1%. “Today With You” is 1.6% “

After hearing this statistics, everyone suddenly became silent, and a little bit unhappy.

Although anyone who has done homework beforehand knows that the ratings have continued to decline in the recent period. The concept of the first broadcast breaking 1% was enough for a celebration party. The problem was that “Today With You” was ahead of them.

No matter how good the results were, the second was the second, and everyone would only remember the first.

Although they knew that this might be a difference in the broadcasting platform, but all the employees could not help but be angry.

They always felt that if the two teleplays could be played on the same platform, with the highquality of their teleplay, the ratings would never be lost to the other party.

Unwilling, really unwilling, their teleplay was so good!

It was raining in the hearts of the employees.

Instead, Lin Meng patted their shoulders one by one: “Go, I invite you to have supper, why are you worried about so much every day? “

Although there was another episode not yet broadcast, but she did not wait any longer, she pulled people out one by one and went to the crayfish restaurant next to the company to eat.

Life’s too short to even care at all. They watched Lin Meng help with ordering, taking care of everyone, and did not dare to show frustration.

They knew that President Lin was comforting them! She didn’t want them to be in a bad mood! They must cheer up.

Eat a little more, after charging was complete, the next teleplay or film, we must work harder!

Until the end of the two episodes, although the official ratings have not yet come out, real-time ratings with certain errors can already be seen online.

The crew of “Today With You” was celebrating, and the producer flew to the city where Lemon TV Station was located. He asked Fang Jun to come out for a drink, the two were happy and had agreed on further cooperation.

Even Wu Yuedi and Huo Hanshan, who have been confronting each other, temporarily put aside their contradictions and considered continuing to hype CP.

Come on, there were opportunities to make money, why not do it?

They were very happy and did not know that in the platform that could provide discussions, there was a gust of wind blowing, the waves rising slightly, and the boat suddenly turned.

Late night forums, night owls haven’t slept. Although they leave their own marks in various posts to prevent sudden death every day, they have only been collecting and have never done it once. As always, they got more and more excited every night and began to discuss seriously.

When it was broadcast last night, a lot of posts mocking Today With You have emerged, and they have been deleted.

Most of their themes were to blame the magical adaptation of this adaptation teleplay, so that these book fans could not recognize the relationship between this teleplay and the original, except the name of the protagonist.

This argument has not received much support. After all, fans can always find a reason to object.

“Don’t you know the censorship? How does the violent teenager pass the censorship? Do you understand the rationality?”

“If they don’t change it, how can you call it an adaptation? Isn’t this a change of the book in a good direction? Anyway, I think it looks good!”

“Is it amazing to have read the original book? People who haven’t read the book think the teleplay is interesting. Anyway, my grandma / my mother / my dad said it’s good!”

After being so fiercely refuted, book fans will no longer entangle with these unreasonable people. The fans of this book were not too enthusiastic. Due to the age, many book fans have already been “buddha” youths. They didn’t like to argue with menacing fans.

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