Chapter 24 Part 4

After fans and paid forum posters left, the discussions late at night were the topics that most people care about at the moment.

[Only I think Shan Jiao is too capricious? I really don’t understand, are the little girls now spending their parents’ money casually? Doesn’t she know that it is hard for her parents to make money? 】

[Reply to the person who deleted my reply: Why don’t you talk about Dong Jianqiang’s character? After being fired, he should admit it honestly, but he chose to hide it. And then you blame his daughter for asking too much? Are you kidding me? 】

[A question that puzzled me for a long time: I want to ask everyone if they know how much family property they have? From a confused floor host who was indoctrinated by his parents when he was a child, he may soon be unable to eat, but has bought a house with the support of his parents over the years. 】

[Does anyone care about Sister Dong? She was so miserable that her rebellious son made me want to slap him in the face. He is still standing with his father. Does he know how hard his mother is? 】

After playing for a day, the people who suddenly opened the forum were confused and overwhelmed. If it weren’t for the name of the forum, they would have suspected that they had gone wrong.

They flipped through several posts to see that they missed the hot topic and they realized that it was the teleplay “Mountains Behind The Mountain” that premiered tonight.

Was this teleplay worth discussing?

The exclusive online broadcasting rights of the teleplay was signed to the Deepsea Video website. In order to keep up with the progress of discussions, the netizens opened the video curiously.

After watching for ten minutes, they found that this was actually a trial, and to see the full content, they had to become VIP members.

They were tangled for a while. Then they were silently choosing to buy under the influence of late-night shopping urges, and began to enjoy the distinguished membership treatment.

After watching the videos, they went back to the “battlefield” and started a passionate discussion. Parents and children, consumption, dimission, marital infidelity …

This series of issues were usually the most noticeable issues for everyone. Everyone held a different point of view and unknowingly discussed the daybreak.

Until nearly five o’clock, some netizens who were accustomed to early to bed, early to rise got up, saw that the forum that was still arguing fell into a long silence, and posted a post in doubt.

[Why … I can’t find a post discussing “Today With You” on my homepage? 】

This post sank directly to the bottom, not even the people who responded because of boredom.

In the next two days, on the hot search topic and online marketing accounts, they could not wait to hit the gongs and drums, and began to launch big posters with passion, praising the excellent results achieved by “Today With You”.

What was the concept of broadcasting for the first time breaking through 1% and approaching 2%? You can point to 3% and fight for the annual viewing championship!

They only saw beautiful numbers in ratings and the degree of discussion of topics that seemed okay, but they did not see the bad reviews.

“It’s too boring, right? I feel the plot is extremely flat, and the protagonist has no sense of CP at all.”

“The first time I saw a teleplay with such a split story, the male protagonist and the female protagonist were not at all harmonious, as if they were competing for each other’s plots.

“Even my mother, who is not picky, she can’t stand it anymore. I really don’t know who is watching this kind of teleplay. Is there a problem with the taste of Lemon TV Station?”

But this enthusiastic publicity didn’t take long, and the otherwise silent “Mountains Behind The Mountain” began to fight back.

Day 1: The ratings of “Today With You” were 1.73%, and the ratings of “Mountains Behind The Mountain” were 1.21%.

Day 2: The ratings of “Today With You” were 1.75%, and the ratings of “Mountains Behind The Mountain” were 1.61%.

The ratings of “Mountains Behind The Mountain” were gradually pressing. On the third day, it was basically the same as Today With You. On the fourth day, it exceeded 0.1%. On the fifth day, it directly crushed Today With You’s landslide-like 1.15% ratings with 2.2% ratings.

This was a lively counterattack, with word-of-mouth, ratings, and discussions crushed across the board.

“Mountains Behind The Mountain” has become one of the teleplays with the only two ratings breaking 2% so far this year.

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