Chapter 24 Part 5

So far this year, there were only two teleplays with 2% ratings, and “Mountains Behind The Mountain” was one of them. It has just been broadcast to the tenth episode, and it was impacting at an alarming rate.

[I have to wait a weekend to watch “Mountains Behind The Mountain”. I suspect that True Dream Entertainment can’t get through with us, can’t they broadcast two episodes every day from Monday to Sunday? Recalling every weekend when I was chasing “Love You Before Tomorrow”, it was boring every weekend. 】

[Our family actually quarreled because of this teleplay last night. Do you believe it? In the end, if it wasn’t for Dong Jianqiang’s acting skills that made us cry, I guess we haven’t made up today. 】

[Doesn’t anyone care about the ratings? “Mountain Behind The Mountain” is now over 2%! Bet, is there any chance to break 3%! 】

As for the ratings of Today With You, which has not been discussed, it has fallen to 0.5% long ago, and it has no heat.

The career fans of Lemon TV Station lamented their misfortune, and scolded the TV station’s staff members’ brains for anger. They chose a teleplay to destroy the reputation of Lemon TV Station’s Golden Theater.

Fang Jun, who was still very upset in the past two days, was in the TV director’s office at this time. He was scolded by the TV director and couldn’t lift his head.

“So President Lin of True Dream Entertainment came to our station before. You didn’t receive her. Did you read the materials she gave?”

Fang Jun didn’t dare to speak.

“Okay, Director Fang, you are amazing. As a Purchasing Director, you don’t even have the basic aesthetics. Can you afford the loss of the TV station? The price of advertising investment in the next quarter has fallen sharply. You are really capable! “

The TV director scolded him loudly, spittle flyin. Fang Jun only dare nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

Fang Jun was directly marked by the TV director as “unbearable”. He walked out of the office, wiped his face, and immediately called the man who had previously called him as buddy: “How did you guarantee it to me? You said that your teleplay is of high quality. You dare to harm me so much! Let me tell you, as long as I am here, your Yuexin Entertainment will never get good resources on our TV station. “

He hung up the phone and passed on the bad mood to the other party. He was not in the mood before he came to the office, but found the official document just put on his desk. He sat in his chair in sorrow, like a funeral test.

The official documents were clearly written. Starting today, he has become Deputy Purchasing Director from Purchasing Director. His immediate superior was the colleague who had been in conflict with him.

Once lost, lost forever.

This summer vacation, “Mountains Behind The Mountain” became a national teleplay in the true sense, the settings in it have become the motto of everybody.

Dong Chengcheng, gentility without ability was worse than plain beggary. Dong Shanjiao, who didn’t know much about the money. Tekken warned Sister Dong. Hot girl who was troubled by marital infidelity. …

Several protagonist’s Weibo messages, almost all the words left by netizens were related to the plot in the play.

It was like an actor who played Sister Dong’s son Lin Lin. Every day, his Weibo was flooding the screen: “If you dare not be kind to your mother, give me the address, and I will educate you.”

even when he was already a college student, he went to pick up his younger brother after school, and was pulled by the parents of the students next to him. They said solemnly: “It is not easy for your mother to support you, you need to understand.”

Many jokes made people laugh.

Lin Meng was working with Cheng Aiming on the materials needed for the next project. Xiao Wang rushed in excitedly, like a gust of wind.

“President Lin, good news!” She stared brightly. “I got two great news!”

Xiao Wang cleared her throat: “The ratings for “Mountains Behind The Mountain” aired last night have come out, 3.78%, the highest ratings this year!”

“And one more?”

“And that’s it—” She put her invitation in the hands of Lin Meng. ” “The Path To Becoming Immortal” received five nominations, best film, best director, best photography, best supporting actress, best newcomer! Invite us to the award ceremony two weeks later. “

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  1. I stayed up two hours past my usual bedtime binge-reading this story. I’m so attached to everyone at True Dream, and I can’t wait to see their dreams come true. Thank you for bringing this story to us.

  2. If I have money, I also want to spend it like Lin Meng. Tho, I don’t have any experience in identifying what’s good from bad. But, I want to be able to create a movie much less a drama.

  3. FL is a perfectionist who want to lose money but find it hard to do cuz… well she has to do her job well #hardtolosemoney

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