Chapter 25 Part 1

The Magpie Feather Award was currently the most authoritative film award in domestic. It was held on the Qixi Festival every year. There must have been a magpie element on its trophy.

The establishment of this award dates back to the early days of the founding of the Country. The literati at that time gave this award meaning with a beautiful wish of “magpie to announce the good news”.

In order to distinguish it from other awards in the world, the range of films selected for the Magpie Feather Award was all Chinese films released between the previous year’s lunar July and the following year’s lunar June.

“The Path To Becoming Immortal”, which was screened during the Spring Festival, met the requirements of the election.

Feng’s Entertainment selected it from many of the company’s participating distribution films, sent it for selection, and it was nominated in the first round of review.

With the rise of the Internet in recent years, the Magpie Feather Award has also followed the trend and listed the “Most Popular Film” awards. This award did not rely on the box office to win, only the results of online voting.

The chairman who set up the award made it clear: “An award is meaningless without the support of the people. Even if this award can only attract an audience for the ceremony, its existence is worth it. “

This award has always been a “must-have” for fans.

Even if they could not win, as long as they reached the top three, they could get a chance for their idols to go on the red carpet. They helped their idols get traffic first, and if their idols could win an award, the publicity activity would have new materials.

But this year’s voting was suddenly different from that of previous years.

Today’s technology was advanced, and there have been various online artifacts for controlling comments and voting on the Internet.

At the beginning of each voting session, fans would go all out and even ask for external assistance, including going to online stores to purchase services.

They often used this phrase to comfort themselves: “Everyone else bought it. If we don’t buy it, we will fall behind. This is not unfair competition. Buying is fair!”

The fans who were at ease found the shopkeeper familiarly, and issued an exclusive password: [Magpie Feather Award voting device, how to calculate the price this year? We want to get first place. 】

The shopkeeper always treated them with enthusiasm. But his attitude was particularly cold this time: [Fair competition, this time the Magpie Feather Award vote, my shop does not participate in service provision. 】

The questioning fans slowly put out a question mark?

Dear shopkeeper, please set your position clearly, didn’t you just sell this?

The shopkeeper did not have an idear in heart this time. No matter how they typed, the shopkeeper only copied and pasted the same words and refused to shake.

Fans changed shops and all were rejected. Then they were confused. finally, they had to give up the use of “weapons” and were forced to start a fair vote.

Once the channel for autonomous voting was opened, they could only watch the number of votes for “The Path To Becoming Immortal” far ahead, and they had no choice but to compete silently for the second or third.

The award ceremony of the Magpie Feather Award has a red carpet. In accordance with the practice of previous years, this year it was still held at the Plum Blossom Sports Center in S City.

Less than the scheduled red carpet time, there were already crowds of people around. Fans held cameras and cell phones, trying to squeeze into the front row, preparing to take the clearest picture.

This awards ceremony was sponsored by Company B. Even if some people had a car in this city, they would cooperate with the staff to park the car at a distant designated location, and then take a special black seven-seater car to the scene.

The crew of “The Path To Becoming Immortal” won the finale appearance by virtue of the box office and nomination. Behind them, there was only one well-known film queen who also served as the host of the awards evening.

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