Chapter 25 Part 2

Due to the large crew members, they could only share the two cars before and after.

Lin Meng was wearing a highly customized black dress today, which seems to be low-key, but as soon as you walk around, the skirt of the lower body will show a sparkling posture according to the refraction of light.

“President Lin, if it weren’t for you, I would probably have no clothes to wear today.” Zhu Xufang joked. Today he wore a suit of Zhongshan that was custom-made in an old tailor’s shop. He has been dormant for the past ten years, and even his suits were bought ten years ago, and they didn’t fit well now.

Lin Meng forcibly reimbursed him a full set of equipment on the grounds of work needs, and everything was properly prepared.

Lin Meng smiled. Zhu Xufang’s hair was all smoothed up by the hair stylist, and made some hairstyles that were popular in Hong Kong stars in the 1980s, just … sometimes there was a certain gap between picture and reality.

Zhu Xufang also touched the watch on his lower wrist and he was a little nervous: “Will I take it off to you first? I’m afraid I accidentally broke it.”

Sui Yan was laughing while covering her mouth with her hands, her eyebrows and eyes were bent: “Director Zhu, don’t be nervous. If even such an experienced person would be so nervous, we can’t relax. “

Zhu Xufang gave a strong argument: “Why am I nervous? When I used to come to the Magpie Feather Award, you were all students.”

Lin Meng and Sui Yan looked at each other, and they did not expose Director Zhu.

All the main creative members of the crew were here today, and no one was absent. Although it was divided into two cars, the staff members were very experienced and did not delay time.

The male protagonist and the female protagonist were a little younger and were pulled by Zhu Xufang to let them to stand beside him.

Sui Yan was side by side with Lin Meng and walked in a later position. Their skirts were a bit long and would affect others if they were in front.

Lin Meng walked the red carpet for the first time. Sui Yan explained to her a lot of precautions in advance——God knew how many people were surrounded by the red carpet. Sometimes you inadvertently exposed an ugly state and was photographed. That might be the ugly picture that people will remember in your life.

Lin Meng tried hard to resist the idea of ​​striding. Even if she stepped on high heels, she was able to walk fast, and now she was a little slow.

when they arrived at the special photo-taking and interview area in the center, people just stood still, and the flashing lights of the camera almost made them unable to open their eyes.

Lin Meng opened her eyes difficultly. She felt water mist in her eyes, and couldn’t help expressing admiration to her peers who were able to keep a calm look. This was the so-called profession.

——Wait, she has companions. Director Zhu, who was also a stunted head in this area, was shot by light so violently, and his tears shed directly.

He was now taking off his glasses to wipe the tears that just came out. Fortunately, I didn’t put much makeup on Director Zhu, otherwise he was not enough make-up, and now there may be two marks on his face.

Although the host of the red carpet had an impromptu element, she also prepare a draft beforehand.

Lin Meng didn’t need to concentrate on listening. Her eyes narrowed slightly, and she had a beautiful and unknown charm.

The makeup artist specially designed eye makeup for her skirt. the very thin eyeliner was very lightly outlined, and the eye shadow with extremely light blue sequins was adjusted a little bit with a cotton pad. If people didn’t look closely, they could only see the flicker of sequins on her eyes.

The high-heeled shoes exposed under the skirt were silver, and the heel was designed as a harp, but it didn’t look cumbersome and set off the long white legs.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter and this translation. I just recently discovered this work and I am pleasantly surprised.

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  3. Thanks for the update!

    Lin Meng’s winning it all with her team. Now I really want her husband’s POV. How he feels not being there with her. How he celebrates her success. What he thinks of doing to get their relationship back on track.

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