Chapter 25 Part 3

She was like a light evening breeze when the sunset glow filled the sky. Skip through people’s hearts, but leave no trace.

Lin Meng didn’t know how many photos she had been taken, but just waited until the interview was over, she was slightly relieved and followed the crowd away from the red carpet.

When the film queen walked the red carpet, the awards ceremony had not yet begun. The media reporters have sent photos on the Internet, and the best and worst clothing for the red carpet were also being selected by netizens.

The number one vote was Sui Yan, who became better and better after the divorce. She wore a winter haute couture fairy dress today, she was full of vitality, and she was not exhausted; the second was the film queen that charm still exist, her temperament was very good; Lin Meng, who was voted to the third place, first got the admiration of most netizens, and then they had doubts about the protagonist of the photo.

“I’ve watched The Path To Becoming Immortal four times and haven’t seen this girl at all? Is she … the monsters who can’t recognize the real person?”

Some netizens who have been following True Dream Entertainment suddenly appeared: “Confused, why don’t you search this picture directly online? Quite multimedia is marked below. This is Lin Meng, the president of True Dream Entertainment. She both attended the premiere of “The Path To Becoming Immortal” and the press conference of “Love You Before Tomorrow”. She was only low-key. “

Netizens who had just gotten answers had not had time to look up this beautiful and mysterious female boss, and they were drawn back to the award ceremony just started.

The process of this award ceremony was longer than expected. The crew of them sat around the round table. Although there were small dishes on the table, no one used chopsticks.

Most actors usually fasted for half a day on the day of the ceremony in order to put on a proper dress. They would not be attracted to the side dishes that were not delicious enough.

This year’s stage design used 3D projection. Tens of thousands of magpies flew on that stage and erected a long bridge. Then they spread out again to form a trophy shape specially invited by the Academy of Fine Arts to design this year. The scattered magpies finally spun around, and cleverly formed several square matrices. Their feathers became screens, showing last year’s award-winning films and fragments.

The awarding process of the Magpie Feather Award was rarely revised. Depending on the importance of the awards, the more core awards were awarded later, except for the most popular awards that went through “special channels”.

During the first half of the awards ceremony, the table “The Path To Becoming Immortal” had been a supporting role, and they continued to applaud.

To their surprise, the award for best photography fell on a forest documentary. The best newcomer was a male protagonist with a literal film. Their crew has suffered frequent failures since the beginning.

By the time the nominated clips for the Best Female Supporting Awards were displayed through 3D projection, Sui Yan had already clenched his hands nervously. Lin Meng reached out and patted her behind her back as a sign of encouragement.

The film queen on the stage glanced down and read the name in the envelope: “Best female supporter,” The Path To Becoming Immortal “, Sui Yan.”

There was thunderous applause. Lin Meng also stood up with applause. She saw Sui Yan step up quickly, the camera zoomed in, and Sui Yan’s face already had tears.

“This year, I have had a harder time than I thought.” When she laughed, she showed a pear vortex, and her eyes were full of water. “But I think I have been reborn now. I have too many people to thank, but at this stage, I just want to thank you. President Lin, thank you for regenerating me.”

Up and down the stage, the camera was constantly switching, and in the camera, there were two faces with the same smile.

Sui Yan’s awards started the good luck of “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, and the awards were sent to them one by one.

“The Best Director, The Path To Becoming Immortal, Zhu Xufang.”

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  1. “The Best president, The Path To Becoming Immortal, Ling Meng.”
    “The most rich, The Path To Becoming Immortal, Ling Meng.”
    “The most frustrated for not reaching their goal, (public: must be some random loser-) The Path To Becoming Immortal, Ling Meng.”

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