Chapter 25 Part 4

Director Zhu, who came to the stage, was full of vitality. He stood upright, and his prepared remarks were almost forgotten by the surging emotions.

Fortunately, he quickly regained his composure: “This decade has not been easy. I thought I would not be able to return, but at this moment, I am back. And all this can not be separated from the help of one person, she is our President Lin. Thank you for believing in me when no one believes me! “

It was necessary to make a circle from stepping down, otherwise it would block the camera of the guest seats. Director Zhu walked slowly with the trophy.

Although he didn’t have his name engraved on it, he still looked happy. But before he returned to his position, he heard the host above say a familiar name again.

“The best film, The Path To Becoming Immortal.” The most important award of the Magpie Feather Award belongs to the box office champions of the year so far, which is well deserved.

Director Zhu quickly turned around and hurried to the stage with one hand holding the trophy that was just a treasure. Lin Meng didn’t like to make too many appearances. She preferred Director Zhu to receive this honor. Because of this film, he paid the most.

Director Zhu, who had just arrived on the stage, held a trophy in one hand and narrowed his eyes with a smile: “I … I’m back again!” This sentence caused a lot of laughter.

“But this time, I still want to say that, President Lin thank you. You often say that the success of The Path To Becoming Immortal is because of me. No, it was born of you. Without you, it would have been an abandoned project. Thank you for fulfilling my dream and taking a chance with me who is about to enter my old age. “

Zhu Xufang, who had finished his speech, embarked on the road that had just reached halfway. This time began to award the most popular film awards.

When he heard “The Path To Becoming Immortal” in the nomination, the alert director Zhu immediately stopped and did not continue to move forward.

It turned out that his choice was wise. After a while, the host really pronounced his most familiar name again.

“The most popular film among the people, The Path To Becoming Immortal!”

Director Zhu panted, holding two heavy trophies, and returned to the stage again. There was a laugh from the audience, even Lin Meng and Sui Yan laughed together.

Director Zhu’s hand could not win the third trophy. He hesitated whether he should put the trophy on the ground first, the host next to him couldn’t stand it anymore, and said with a smile: “Relax, Director Zhu. I will help you get it together.”

Zhu Xufang was at ease and sighed suddenly into the microphone: “It is estimated that the audience in front of the TV is already annoyed, why is this old man again.”

Laughter and applause were interspersed with a few whistles of naughty young people who took the opportunity to blow.

“The gratitude I just said is all I want to say. I am definitely not trying to please the leader and get a promotion and salary increase.”

Zhu Xufang was well versed in cold joke techniques and used the most serious expression to say the most laughable words. “Then here, I want to make an advertisement through the Magpie Feather Award platform.”

The host next to him was a little hesitant and just wanted to stop it. After all, many award contracts were signed at the awards ceremony. In case of conflict, the issue of breach of contract was involved.

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