Chapter 25 Part 5

But it was not appropriate to stop him from saying the award speech. She was waiting for the staff to signal, but in the blink of an eye, Director Zhu has begun.

Director Zhu, the propaganda expert, said loudly into the microphone: “True Dream Entertainment, where you can realize your dreams, there are plenty of rest days, the boss is reliable, and there are well-known directors who carefully guide, film queen, well-known singers around you! Where there are achievements, there must be dividends. The best silly boss in history. You deserve it! “

People of their age usually liked watching TV the most, and the advertising words just came out.

In a big laugh, only Lin Meng clapped helplessly.

Was she recruiting director or the personnel responsible for recruitment? This man was doing two jobs without getting two paid, really …

The Magpie Feather Award came to an end, and “The Path To Becoming Immortal” made headlines for almost all entertainment news.

It had a double harvest at the box office and word of mouth, and it also showed its winning ability at this ceremony. Although there was no big harvest, but it won two of the three major awards, which was enough to be admirable.

What led to intense discussions among netizens that night was the “President Lin” who had not made the stage today but had the most opportunities to play.

[I announced that President Lin Meng is the most beautiful producer. Those who look good are richer than me, and those who are richer than me look better than me, and I am injured. 】

[Thanks to President Lin for bringing this dream to us, thinking of the project “The Path To Becoming Immortal” was almost aborted, I am still worried. 】

[Suddenly recalled a company’s 30-day holiday during the Spring Festival, as well as an amazing dividend plan. President Lin, I can, I really can. 】

The highest number of replies was this post with “Mysterious Eastern Power”.

[Is it only me who found out that President Lin is a crape myrtle, a mascot in the film and television circle? 】

[President Lin. She is known to be a producer with money, pretty and talent. She solely invested in True Dream Entertainment. The company’s current contractors include Sui Yan, director Zhu Xufang, Cheng Aiming, etc; the company has independently produced “Love You Before Tomorrow”; “The Path To Becoming Immortal”; “Mountains Behind The Mountain”.

(I will not mark the actual results. The best web teleplay, film and teleplay in the past two years are all produced by her). What are the fans waiting for? Just look for her! If your idols can play roles in President Lin’s project, their reputation will definitely rise! 】

The first few floors were still seriously discussing Lin Meng’s real insights, business vision, and artistic pursuits. No one knew from which floor to start, and the direction of the discussion was completely distorted.

[Thank you Koi Meng, please bless me to pass the start of the exam! 】

[Forward this Koi Meng, you will get countless wealth, the opportunity to meet idols! 】

[Make a wish: I want one Tamamo-no-mae (たまものまえ), you can give one more Taewowan, and then give a Mistress Of The Red Shadow blade(よう とう ひめ). 】

The floor host that woke up was planning to enter the post for professional discussion, and then looked at the full screen of wishing and koi activities, and fell into unprecedented contemplation.

For a long time, she also left her reply in the building: [Wish my idol Yu Yuanxing cooperated with True Dream Entertainment again. His resources are too bad recently, please help him! 】

Well, this is definitely not a feudal superstition, but a good wish.

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