Chapter 25 Part 6

Everyone drank a lot at the celebration party, and even Lin Meng was drunk.

Zhu Xufang, who was unable to drink due to gout, bemoaned the female staff to cooperate and sent the crowd back to the room, then went back to rest.

Lin Meng, lying in bed, was awake and heard the cell phone ringing.

“Hello?” She answered the phone dreamily. Fortunately, before the celebration feast, they had all changed into casual clothes.

“Are you drunk?”

“It’s you.” Lin Meng heard it, it was Zhu Yushen.

Zhu Yushen had just finished his work and was waiting for the plane to take off in the waiting room. He rubbed his forehead in lack of sleep. “Is someone around you taking care of you? I will let someone arrange to take care of you.”

Drunk Lin Meng didn’t notice, and Zhu Yushen didn’t ask her where she was, as if he had known it.

“No, I’ll go to sleep in a minute.” She wasn’t as cold as usual when she was drunk, but her attitude was only alienated and not too close.

“I watched the live broadcast. Congratulations on your award.” Zhu Yushen’s tablet had a black screen with the words “Magpie Feather Award” at the top of the video. Although the cross-border network signal was not smooth, he still saw the end, “You are very beautiful today. “The one who always seemed to shine in his memory became clear again.

He knew that if he interfered with the selection of the award, after Lin Meng knew it, she would be angry.

Zhu Yushen had to clumsily understand the Magpie Feather Award mechanism, and let his subordinates directly buy out the voting cheater, so that Lin Meng can compete fairly with others.

Yes, it was him who caused fans to suddenly lose their cheaters.

“Um. Thank you.”

After the politeness was over, there was silence on the phone again. Zhu Yushen just wanted to continue to say something else, and suddenly a soft female voice appeared.

“President Zhu, you haven’t had breakfast yet. I took the menu. Do you need a sandwich or something else?” Wen Xiaofu put the menu on the table, and then stepped back two steps.

Zhu Yushen didn’t care, just waved his hand. He was about to confirm Lin Meng’s current status, and heard Lin Meng on the phone smile coldly.

“President Zhu, you have a really easy life.” Even across the phone, he could hear her sarcasm in her tone, You can have a good life with…”

The phone signal was not good, Zhu Yushen didn’t hear Lin Meng’s words, and the phone was hung up directly. Later he dialed it again, but no one answered. He guessed that Lin Meng was drunk and slept.

“President Zhu, what are you going to eat?” Wen Xiaofu asked him when she saw him hang up the phone.

Zhu Yushen casually ordered one, and when Wen Xiaofu left, he still frowned.

What did Lin Meng just want to say? If he heard correctly, Lin Meng should be concerned about something.

But what made her suddenly feel so bad and so worried?

At dawn, Lin Meng finally woke up from a hangover, and she realized that the phone had been dropped to the ground. She confusedly opened the cell phone, and when confirming the message, she found that there was an extra call with Zhu Yushen in the call log.

the duration of the call was very short, less than two and a half minutes. Lin Meng couldn’t remember what happened last night, but she guessed it was estimated to be a daily greeting.

She began to reply to the message sent by Cheng Aiming. The end of the award ceremony did not mean the beginning of the break. True Dream Entertainment was about to put in the next stage of work.

Another spender who could fulfill her desire to spend money.

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    1. But it’s good he only bought out the cheaters and didn’t make her one, although as seen that’s unnecessary…^^

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