Chapter 26 Part 2

Hearing the words ‘Big Plan’ again, Yu Xi was speechless for a moment, and his courage became too big.

He used his eyes to signal the big director next to him, hoping he wouldn’t ask too much. But Cheng Aiming didn’t pay attention at all, all his attention was only on Lin Meng.

“What kind of big plan?” Lin Meng asked.

“But not only does it cost a lot of money, it also requires personal connections.”

Lin Meng smiled: “You just say it.” Wasn’t that what she wanted most? She simply loved Cheng Aiming’s big plans.

“What do you think about the main characters in every door of our teleplay, how about asking famous actors to play now?” Cheng Aiming said seriously, he considered for a long time. “In fact, there are precedents for domestic, such as The Strange Tales Of Liao Zhai, which has been remade many times in recent years. The actors in each unit were familiar to the audience. We can also do this. “

He was afraid that Lin Meng would reject his idea: “Although it may take a lot of energy to choose actors and sign contracts in the early stage, it can attract a lot of attention, and it can also make this drama a classic. Later publicity also can save a lot of time. “

Cheng Aiming added another sentence: “President Lin, you know, I have been in the circle for a long time in these years. I have met many people. I believe that with my face, I can still invite a lot of people to participate in our project, and I can also talk to them about keeping the appearance fee as low as possible. “

He was a bit tangled in the last sentence. After all, if you did n’t give money, how could you let others do things.

Lin Meng laughed immediately at the words: “Will money be the problem?”

“Of course money is not a problem. You are right. Since we all said that this is an experimental drama, then we can be bolder. What actors do you want to invite, you tell me. We all pay at normal market prices, our company can afford these expenses. If it’s not enough, take money from me. “

This sentence of take money from me, directly let Cheng Aiming be stunned. Yu Xi, who had never seen the world next to him, also cast an admiring look.

If one had to say Cheng Aiming’s mood at the moment, it could only be described in one word, that is, “cool”.

There was no upper limit for the budget, he could send an invitation to any actor, and a good script. For a director, could there be more requirements?

There was no need at all. Cheng Aiming was full of blood, and wanted to start shooting immediately, to use his talents to the fullest, and then to create a work that he felt he could not surpass.

Lin Meng just nodded with a smile on her face, with a supportive look: “Then we will release the casting news as soon as possible and we will first select the protagonist. The role of Wang Xiaoqiang is the core character in our play.”

Only Lin Meng was left in the office. She had three pages of A4 paper in her hand, and it was full of characters and basic information required in “Please Open the Door.” She needed to confirm these materials.

In addition to the actors that Cheng Aiming could invite, and a few actors who had a good relationship with their company, there were a few roles that were not selected.

Lin Meng picked up the cell phone and directly dialed Feng Yan’s phone.

“Xiao Meng, I have nothing to do now, you say it directly.”

Lin Meng has never been polite with Feng Yan: “I have a project here, which is similar to unit play. I put it on record first, then immediately start shooting. There are many supporting roles vacant, and I want to work with you company, to invite several actors to perform on guest appearances. Rest assured, we will definitely give enough money. It’s just that some people are not very receptive to supporting roles. “

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