Chapter 26 Part 1

Large projects of other companies may have exaggerated ingredients, but True Dream Entertainment’s large projects absolutely do not contain any moisture.

At the moment in the office, Cheng Aiming, Yu Xi and Lin Meng were sitting around, each holding their own script.

The script written by Yu Xi was tentatively named “Open The Door”.

The story told by this script was quite simple.

The male protagonist Wang Xiaoqiang was twenty-three years old. He was young, but he has struggled in society for many years.

On this day, he suddenly didn’t want to live anymore, and he was determined to die, and finally insisted that “can’t trouble anyone.”

He found a derelict abandoned building through a relatively famous abandoned building exploration group on the Internet.

This building was explored several times due to its open location. It was no difficulty, and few people have entered it now.

Wang Xiaoqiang took the pre-prepared charcoal fire to hide inside and entered. He randomly found a room and closed the door.

He was planning to organize his appearance and was ready to say goodbye to this world, but suddenly he heard two sounds of “Dong Dong” coming from the door, and someone knocked on the door!

He opened the door hesitantly, and then discovered that this was actually a room he had never seen. When he turned around, the original door had disappeared without a trace.

Since then he has begun a “fancy” trip. Wang Xiaoqiang, who had the ability to open the door and “break into” other people’s rooms, became a “guest in the door” who solved problems for others.

This story was like the fast reincarnation often seen on the Internet, but it was not very similar. The actual effect of shooting may be more like unit play.

In the script, Yu Xi set up countless different scenes and stories, plus the number of characters who appeared in each unit …the set and the actors alone had to spend a lot of money.

“I think the core of this teleplay is the scene where the protagonist opens the door every time. I plan to use a combination of real scenes and special effects to solve the problem. Although shooting real scenes, the set will cost a lot of money, but this money It’s worth it. ” Cheng Aiming didn’t like the interior of the so-called photographic studio. Even if the results were good, it was a bit short of reality.

Yu Xi, the big man, looked at Lin Meng earnestly. He just came to listen today to see if there were any changes to the script. But he was still looking forward to suggestions for better presentation of his script.

“The money should be spent.” Lin Meng took a sip of water.

“Then President Lin, do we have to make this teleplay in seasons?” He asked again.

Yu Xi’s script could add up to a hundred episodes. Even if a part of it was deleted, it would have to be at least 60 episodes.

Cheng Aiming thought about two options, one was done at a time——but obviously it took a lot of risk; the other was to shoot in seasons, in case of bad results, the project was cut.

Lin Meng wondered: “Why shoot in seasons?”

“This will reduce the possible losses. Once the playback volume is not satisfactory, the project will be terminated early.”

Yu Xi, who was on the sidelines, also nodded. He knew in his heart that when he wrote this play, he didn’t think too much about reality. Although it was a pity in different seasons, he always didn’t want the company to lose too much because of his script.

“Since you have decided to shoot, don’t be so petty, we will shoot it once and shoot a word-of-mouth work. As for the results, it will be tested by the market.”

“President Lin, thank you.” Yu Xi’s face was full of surprises.

Cheng Aiming rubbed his hands and hesitantly opened his mouth: “In fact, there is a big plan for me.”

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  1. Aunque se gasta mucho dinero el resumen es interesante por lo que muchas personas la verán y no creo que tenga perdidas

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