Chapter 26 Part 3

This was business.

Feng Yan’s original relaxed state was also collected back: “You will send the script later, if the script and the role are good, then of course there will be no problem with cooperation.”

“OK! You can rest assured that if Feng’s actors come, we will definitely give the best treatment. You know my character.” Lin Meng promised to give one by one.

“Okay, don’t worry.” Feng Yan felt that Lin Meng seemed to have no other business to talk about, and he began to care about private matters. “How are … how are you doing?”

He knew that Lin Meng’s career has been in full swing recently. But outside her career, he didn’t know much. He asked Feng Liangliang impliedly once, but Feng Liangliang was not too clear, showing how well Lin Meng concealed.

“I’ve been doing well recently? To ride on the crest of success, my career went smoothly.” Lin Meng spoke lightly.

“I mean …” Feng Yan’s words were on his lips. After thinking for a long time, he still didn’t say it. Lin Meng on the other end of the phone didn’t hear the echo, and after waiting for a while. She said she was busy, and then hung up the phone.

Feng Yan watched the hung-up call silent for a long time.

When he met Lin Meng, he felt that Lin Meng was a very special person, especially a little strange.

She was so gentle that she could tolerate all the people around her, and even Liangliang’s dog-like temper would never make her angry.

At the same time, she was able to keep an appropriate distance from everyone, respect everyone around her, and had her own principles.

on the other hand, she seemed to have no bottom line. Feng Yan once wondered, can anyone in this world really make Lin Meng angry and get her out of control?

Or even after she was angry, could the emotion of anger last more than a day? Did she take the initiative to bow her head in the next second?

Because she could always think from the perspective of others.

It was only this way that she was really distressing because she was too easily injured, but never hurt others.

Feng Yan sighed, but he was not qualified to give any attention to beyond the limits, otherwise he who undermined Lin Meng’s principles would only be estranged by her.

Lin Meng hung up the phone, what did Feng Yan want to ask, didn’t she know? But at least until today, she still didn’t want to answer.

After calming down, she noticed that, just during the call, she did not receive a call from Zhu Yushen. After thinking for a while, Lin Meng did not call back, but just sent a message and asked indifferently: “What do you find me for?”

She leaned on the chair and thought a lot. In fact, Lin Meng was quite entangled during this time. She did not understand, what is the difference between what she did and what Zhu Yushen did before?

Was she retaliating? Did she make the other person feel the same with her previous experience? Or something else?

One part of Lin Meng blamed herself for being another Zhu Yushen. Another part of Lin Meng quietly hid herself.

She forced herself to work continuously like a working machine, never stopped, and forced herself not to think about everything.

She was not a working machine without emotion, but at least until now, being a machine was happier than having her try to solve things between her and Zhu Yushen.

Because she simply …

Zhu Yushen refused to work for the whole afternoon and stared at the cell phone for a total of two hours and 25 minutes.

The cell phone screen was lit up a total of twelve times, two were news feeds, and there were two advertising messages and eight job messages in the other ten.

The number of calls and messages from Lin Meng was 0.

The last item in the chat log still stayed in the indifferent inquiry she sent and Zhu Yushen thought for a few minutes before replying: “I want to meet you, we need to talk.”

Then there will be no more.

The coffee placed on the table was steaming there, but now it has become very cold, just like his mood at the moment.

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