Chapter 26 Part 4

He leaned heavily on the back of the chair, his body stuck in it, and his hair was a little messy.

His outstretched hand was covering his eyes, and his headaches have been getting worse recently. After all, he had not been able to take a good rest for a long time.

Only in the old house, where the two of them lived together, he was able to sleep a little. He occasionally woke up in the middle of the night because there was no one around him—— it was quite strange. Before, he never had the habit of identify the bed, as long as he lay in bed, he could sleep till dawn.

He has always been able to concentrate all his attention on his work and calmly handle things no matter how big things have happened. But he has been distracted many times at meetings recently.

Lin Meng’s works, he has no idea how many times he has watch them repeatedly. It seemed that through those works, he could see her who was far away from him.

He was frightened and depressed.

Admit it, Zhu Yushen.

He laughed ridiculously, his voice hoarse: “You can’t accept it at all. She is getting better and better without you. In her world, you may not exist.”

The most ridiculous thing was that he had been looking for her and wanted to talk to her, but he was afraid that she would agree. He didn’t know why, but Zhu Yushen always felt that “talk clearly” would be a more painful torment for him than at the moment.

But what happened?

In the anonymous area, the news was always mixed with true and false. After all, there was a string of codes that could only be recognized in the building, who knew that the person behind was a ghost or a person?

[Late night tells a big gossip…]

The unclear title name could not stop anyone who clicked in.

[I know this news from friends in the entertainment industry. A two-character entertainment company that has made a splash this year has opened a new project.

Although it is web teleplay, it is a big director and a big investment. The supporting roles that have been set are not convenient to disclose. It can only be said that it is a luxury cast that you can’t think of.

These two days are about to begin the audition of the male protagonist, and I don’t know who can have such good luck. 】

People always said that they must face the gossip rationally. But gossip was sent to people’s eyes, and those who could not participate in the discussion were probably people who studied Buddhism.

[Huh, is web teleplay a good project? You’re so fussed, like we are all a group of ignorant people. 】

[I went to the record and found out what the floor host said. If the news is correct, it ’s really good cake. 】

[Decoded, is TD Entertainment? The director is Am C, but his film this year is a minor failure. But after knowing him, it is possible to take the film circle. 】

[Only I am curious who are the supporting actors of the floor host said? The lineup is luxurious and the stars are bright. Hey, this statement is really rarely heard. 】

[I also heard about this gossip. Anyway, the actors who are close to their company will participate, and the actors who have worked with the director before also gave him face. I don’t know the specifics.

The audition news was just released yesterday, and the floor host is also well-informed. I heard that the requirements of protagonist are young, male, and alive. It is estimated that there will be some fights in the place where we cannot see. 】

[Betting on a dime, this must be a good cake. TD Entertainment has not missed it so far. President Lin, who has just appeared in the limelight, has a cunning vision. Maybe this is the next popular web teleplay. 】

There was an endless quarrel afterwards. Whether the web teleplay is a good cake, whose idol can eat it, and it ended until the post was deleted after midnight. But the news fermented quietly, and the undercurrent surged.

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  1. I like this novel, currently binge reading it, keep me up till after midnight, but there’s something bothering me that I need to get it out of my chest. When reading the review of this novel people said it doesn’t have much romance and I kinda prepare for that but still it feels wrong. When it come down to it I think it’s the timeline. Since the beginning of the novel she never met her husband right, they only communicated throught text or phone, so far she made 2 series and 1 blockbuster movie one after another, HOW LONG IT’S THAT?! Maybe I’m too anal, but for the movie they need to revise the script, auditioning, shooting it, editing not to mention it was release on 3D, even with china’s 996 mentality it won’t be less than 6 months right?! Adding the 2 series the story should AT LEAST already a year since the beginning, and they never met??!! For a couple who never discuss divorce, technically still living under the same roof, AND THEY ARE NOT HAVING AN AFFAIR, it’s that believable?? How busy is busy they never see each other face to face, and I repeat when they dont have an affair?? I mean Lin Meng suppossedly still part owner of their company right, it’s there’s no social obligation that require her attendance?! I know I’m complicating it too much, LOL, but I wish the author put more thought about the dynamic of their relationship while considering the timeline. End of my rambling!

    1. In almost all C-novels of entertainment industry movies and television programs are recorded quickly, edited quickly, and aired quickly. I mean a matter of a couple months from finding a script to becoming a blockbuster. I don’t know if the overseas film industry really can churn them out that fast in reality, but I do know that they often only shoot a 1 or 2 weeks of a program before it is aired (so they can edit according to fan wants), so the books may not be too far off the mark? I agree it is rather unrealistic for supposedly “quality” work though. But, it’s a fantasy anyway (they are supposedly living in a novel and she knows it), so it should be fine to suspend your belief for this one anyway ‍♀️

    2. First off, she’s deliberately avoiding him.

      Secondly, she’s not part owner of the company, at least not anymore. She resigned because she felt that she was unneeded and became a full-time housewife.

      It was the husband who was always busy and never spent time with her, and now she decides to do the same…now the husband is starting to see his mistakes and that’s an improvement. I already read the spoiler so I won’t say anything.

    3. Indeed, I find the timeline to be quite…ridiculous. Especially with the movie- it takes a LOT of time to edit movies that need a substantial amount of CG. Even if we ignore the teleplays or the fact that she’s doing one project at a time with time in between, any movie that comes out within a year after it starts shooting (even longer with IMAX level special effects) is already outrageously quick. So the timeline is 100% unrealistic; unrealistic to the point that it’s almost painful. By this point, it should be at minimum two years after the start of the story (over 3 if we’re aiming for real life realism).

      But, timeline aside, I don’t think them not having a sit down meeting for so long is that bad. Their relationship was tenuous at best before and that was pretty much wholly based on the work of the MC. Plus, adult relationships/marriages aren’t as sex driven as we like to imagine they are. And considering both parties are company presidents, it’s very likely (according to the timeline of the book, not what it should be based on reality) that they haven’t contacted each other and haven’t cheated. I’d say up to a year is reasonable, any more than that and there’s no point in even calling it a marriage.

      Indeed, the author’s doing a pretty bad job with sensible progress of the romance in the context of the timeline, but I think s/he’s doing a pretty bad job with maintaining any sort of timeline to begin with.

    4. Its amazing how quickly time passes you by before you realize…he is gone for 2 months here…she is gone for 3 months there…both working full time consuming work days…its easy to look up and notice its been years…felt that way about my current job when I took notice of how long I have actually been working here I couldn’t believe it…

  2. For people who live their lives comfortably and without big hurdle.

    You’ll be surprised how long someone can ignore their problem and simply avoid confronting the issue… it’s scary … That’s why they’ll let it be an unsolvable issue for years… It’s not healthy but it less painful

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