Chapter 27 Part 1

A good resource in the circle was like a golden cake. Everyone was fighting to take a bite.

Not only did the actors themselves want to bite it, their team wanted to help him bite, even the fans couldn’t wait to draw cakes online for their idols.

The audition of “Please Open The Door” had not officially started, and the outside news began to fly all over the sky.

According to the introduction of put on record on the Internet, people really couldn’t find out what kind of character set “Wang Xiaoqiang” was.

If it were not for this reason, several entertainment companies were already prepared to use press release to force a swoop and squat fraud.

For example, if the character to be contested was a beautiful man in costume, then come to a collection of the top ten beautiful men in costume, and forcefully put their actors in.

If they wanted to fight for a certain role, they would find a similar shell and put it on their actors.

Or they directly contacted online marketing accounts and told them to let the news out that their actor had already eaten the cake, and then linked the fans hype to let their actor forcefully eat the cake. It was just this trick that was prone to accidents and few people used it.

True Dream Entertainment’s audition venue was still the one that was rented during the audition of “The Path To Becoming Immortal” last time.

They have had a lot of experience in the role selection activities. Even if this time there were more than double the number of three roles from the previous audition, the arrangement was organized.

Lin Meng looked at the list in her hand and had a headache. She and Cheng Aiming looked at each other, and they could see the collapse in each other’s eyes.

It seemed that this time was the same as last time, they had to audition from early to late.

Although Lin Meng had time, remembering the last audition that stimulated her eyes, she felt that she had to prepare eye drops in advance.

She glanced at Director Chen quietly, and she felt no wonder that Director Zhu Xufang pretended to pass by and looked at the list, saying that there was something to do today, and he did not want to come.

“President Lin. What’s wrong?” Cheng Aiming, the culprit, had to pretend to be innocent.

Lin Meng sighed helplessly. The result of giving the director too much autonomy was that when the other party suddenly mockey mouse operation, she often faced the result of dealing with the endgame later.

“Young, male, alive.” She shook the list on her hand. “Thirty-year-old in the circle … No, it should be said that apart from fifty or sixty year old actors, who would think he did not meet the requirements?”

The average age was considered to be a young actor, and all were alive. Except for time conflicts or actors who could look down on this role, the actors who could come all came this time.

Cheng Aiming smiled in a guilty conscience: “I want to see more people.” He regarded this teleplay as his breakthrough work, and he also wanted to be as perfect as possible. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to audition more actors?

Of course, this consequence was something he had not thought of before.


Cheng Aiming’s eyes were a bit embarrassed. He used to film, and often the investors appointed actors or production companies to ask an actor to enter the crew.

This was the first time a production company did not give him a circle, allowing him to play freely. He was a little agitated, which caused him to play too freely.

“Which of the audition clips will be used later.” Lin Meng tightened the reins, but she did n’t dare to let Cheng Aiming continue to fly himself. “You have chosen a total of three, are you going to let each of them perform? This time is too long for us to end today. “

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