Chapter 27 Part 5

The number of comments on Weibo was almost less than one thousand. If he did not seize the opportunity, he afraid it will be difficult to have a chance in the future.

The opportunity would not come to the door to find him. The only chance he could seize recently was today’s audition.

There were so many people who participated in audition today, and several of them were well-known actors who have graduated from the famous film school. Looking at them, he knew very well in his heart.

The audition was over. He even left in frustration without staying inquiring about the situation of others, and then the agent pulled him here and stuffed a room card in his hand.

“In this kind of thing, you won’t have any losses, and you can also get a resource. Think about the problem with your brain, don’t be stupid! “

The agent gave an explanation and left in a hurry, leaving Yu Yuanxing with a tangled face. He also made up a phone call later, where he made various analyses with Yu Yuanxing and said interested..

Yu Yuanxing’s face turned red. He had calmed down, and he felt like he was crazy.

At that time, he was like being confused by a ghost, but he … really felt that he had to burn the boat.

He was ashamed to the extreme: “I was standing there at that time, and I always felt as if I hadn’t had this opportunity in my life, and I couldn’t stay in the circle anymore.”

Yu Yuanxing just wanted to give himself a slap when he thought about it now.

Wasn’t he sick? If he really had no future in the circle, would n’t he be able to live a life when he went home to sing in a bar?

He had savings, he could go back and open a small shop.

Yu Yuanxing didn’t give Lin Meng a chance to intervene. After talking about it, he suddenly relaxed: “President Lin, thank you very much. If it’s not you, I’m afraid I will do something that I regret.”

He smiled, and showed some of the former hearty appearance. “I used to think that I was found out by the company as a idol after graduating from high school. I would do nothing except do this. But now think about it, even if I really quit in the entertainment industry, I can do a lot. If I open a shop, I can still invite President Lin. “

Lin Meng looked at him seriously and smiled. At least Yu Yuanxing didn’t seem to want to take a shortcut anymore now. The eagerness just now was gone, and there was more peace.

Yu Yuanxing was about to break the house card, and after thinking about it, he carefully received it in his pocket. He saw Lin Meng watching him, and quickly explained: “I just felt that if I broke it, I would have to pay the deposit. I estimate that the room rate has been paid tonight, and I will lose money if I don’t stay for one night. “

He chatter: “If I quit the entertainment industry, I can’t live in such a good hotel anymore, I can’t be so wasteful.” After thinking about it, he also became a little stingy.

Lin Meng heard this, and finally laughed out loudly: “Wait, who said you will leave the circle?”

Yu Yuanxing spread his hands with self-knowledge: “I really don’t have much ability. Even if my voice is better and I look good, but in the past few years, the recording industry has been sluggish. Everyone has gone to acting, and my acting skills haven’t been good. Maybe I will publish my songs on the video website in the future. It’s not bad.”

Lin Meng smiled helplessly: “Who said that your acting is not good? I can tell you in advance, what you will know the day after tomorrow. This audition, both Director Chen and I think you are the Wang Xiaoqiang we want. “

Yu Yuanxing’s acting skills were indeed average, but he cried beautifully and dared to cry. His point of understanding of the plot was also in line with the script. He may not be the best, but the most suitable.

Yu Yuanxing’s face was changing like chameleons at the moment. He stood up and pointed at himself, stuttering and saying, “President Lin, don’t you comfort me?”

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  1. I admire him. Everyone can have a moment of weakness, being driven by desperation to do things we never would’ve considered otherwise, but to be able to own it and apologize and spring back is a sign of real maturity. And Lin Meng was so kind and sensitive about a horribly embarrassing situation. ♡

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