Chapter 27 Part 2

Cheng Aiming scratched his hair: “Actually, these three clips are a bit difficult for me to choose. Although they are not too different, there are some delicate emotions that are slightly different.”

He thought about it for a while. As the director’s self-confidence came. “President Lin, you choose one. I am very good at selecting actors. The most important thing is that the actor’s image should be suitable for the character setting, even if his acting skills are a bit worse, I can teach him little by little, this is not a problem. “

Lin Meng was already familiar with this script. She thought about it, looked at the three notes, then circled one.

This is the opening segment of “Please Open The Door”–

Wang Xiaoqiang, who had worked diligently for seven years, finally decided to end his life on the 23rd birthday. He entered the abandoned room, preparing to burn charcoal to commit suicide, but suddenly heard the knocking sound outside the door. He hesitated to open the door in the past, and saw the scene that surprised and frightened him.

“That’s it.” With just a few lines, the script interpretation skills of the actors could also be tested.

Audition clips were set. In order to save the time spent by actors on the outside, the staff directly took a whiteboard and wrote the audition request to hang out. When they came in, they could immediately start performing, saving time.

There was a time when Lin Meng and Cheng Aiming sighed in turn. They looked at each other, and held back helplessness in their hearts.

Because there were too many actors participating in audition today, they simply divided the actors into four groups, two groups in the morning and two groups in the afternoon.

There was a ten-minute break after the end of each group, and the two who were responsible for choosing the role should check the results.

Taking advantage of this free time, Cheng Aiming couldn’t help but roast: “You said that I am the least discriminatory director of fresh meat? But what are these today?”

Lin Meng had done three projects, and she also had some ability to make basic judgments on these actors. She shook her head: “I think the first group of these are not good.”

The actors who just came in, some of them were too scrupulous about the image, in any case they had to keep the word handsome on their faces. Even crying, they had to cry in the wind, exposing their best angle.

And there were also some people who were too careless about their image. howling and crying too hard, tears and snot came down together. This could not be regarded as professional dedication, because the result of the shooting was finally broadcast on the screen.

If you made yourself too ugly, the audience may say that you are good at acting, but some of them will be disgusted by some of the actor’s images.

There were occasionally a few people who could find a balance in the middle, but they were a little worse in grasping emotions and lines and were not contagious enough.

The difficulty of playing Wang Xiaoqiang was that he was philistine and naive, brave and cowardly, and the contradiction in his body was difficult to reflect.

Lin Meng and Cheng Aiming had discussed it. If they could not find an actor who could perform contradictory traits, they would directly find an actor most resembling this characteristic appearance.

“It’s okay, the next group, I think we can finally see the right one.” Lin Meng calmed Director Chen who had begun to show irritability and asked the staff to continue.

Although the number of actors was scary, it ended on time at night.

“President Lin, who do you think is the best of these actors?” Cheng Aiming’s dark circles came out, but the expression on his face was a little satisfied. An actor with 100 points could not be found, but one with 75 points could be found. He was sure to raise the actor to 90 points.

Lin Meng thought about it and wrote three names on white paper, the first one of them focused on a circle.

Cheng Aiming was very surprised at first glance and smiled: “The only one who really knows me. President Lin.” He finally understood what Director Zhu said.

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