Chapter 27 Part 3

President Lin’s learning ability and aesthetic ability were really admirable. What he was most afraid of before was that he clearly felt that actor A was good, and the producers said that actor B was good.

Once the opinions of the two core characters of the crew could not be unified, it was simply a tragedy in tragedy.

“However, I was quite surprised.” Lin Meng remembered something, “This acting …”

Cheng Aiming smiled: “Talent is enough.”

“Then it’s so settled, and in two days I will inform them to sign the contract.” Lin Meng took her things away, and the cell phone screen next to her suddenly turned on. She looked up and raised her eyebrows, feeling a little surprised.

This was a coincidence.

“Xing Yuan, this opportunity is really important to you.” The agent sighed for a long time, he weighty and earnest advice.

When the phone hung up, Yu Yuanxing’s hand holding the cell phone was getting tighter, his emotions were a little more intense, and his throat was tight.

He still wore a mask now, and the long bangs were pressed by the brim, which could block most of his eyes. At this time he was in a complex mood, looking across the road, and he was stunned.

“Yu Yuanxing?” A business car drove to the front, the window lowered, and the person in the car was Lin Meng.

“President Lin, you are here.” Yu Linxing greeted her when Lin Meng appeared. He had seen Lin Meng several times before, and suddenly he seemed at a loss.

Lin Meng asked the driver to park the car. She glanced at the time and got out of the car and went to the hotel with Yu Yuanxing one after the other.

Yu Yuanxing just sent her a message. He said that he had something to find her and invited her to eat at the western restaurant on the first floor of Xinyue Hotel. Although she felt strange in her heart, Lin Meng agreed.

The two of them were seated one after another, and Lin Meng came straight to the point: “It seems that from the last time you participated in the guest performance of “Mountains Behind The Mountain”, we haven’t seen each other. What is the matter with you this time? “

There was another important reason why she was willing to come because Yu Yuanxing was not an attentive person. Apart from the occasional New Year greetings and the thank-you after cooperation, there was no longer any contact between the two in the chat box.

Yu Yuanxing’s two hands on the table were held tightly together. Because of excessive force, the green muscles on the back of his hand could be clearly seen. He remained silent for a long time without talking.

Lin Meng was about to speak, and she saw Yu Yuanxing suddenly put his hand in his pocket. He took out a room card and slowly put it next to Lin Meng’s hand.

Everyone understood what this meant.

Lin Meng raised an eyebrow, and the smile on her face had just disappeared. Her hand was pressed on the room card, and she tapped it twice, as if it was knocked on Yu Yuanxing’s heart.

“What are you trying to do?” She asked knowingly, her eyes sharp.

She had heard about such things before investing in the entertainment industry, but she encountered this situation for the first time.

The legendary hidden rules and become famous overnight once naked seem to have real examples. Lin Meng didn’t know why. The slogan that had floated out of her head was actually seen on the roadside.

Was this place the scope of governance against pornography?

Yu Yuanxing was struggling with his heart. He remained silent for a while before he spoke hard: “President Lin, you saw me when audition today.”

Lin Meng nodded. Yu Yuanxing was placed in the third group, and she was quite impressed.

He smiled bitterly: “I know my acting is really bad, but I really need to get this opportunity, I really …”

Different thoughts in his heart were fighting. Although his face was blocked by a mask, the tangle and grief underneath could still be seen.

Lin Meng picked up the room card. The room number above was very clear and read “1603”. This was really well-prepared, and the logo printed on the room card was exactly the hotel they were in.

Was this a one-stop service?

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  1. Okay, me being an overthinker is creating scenarios in my head. What if they liked him and then there will rumors that he got the role because of the back door ( you know, Lin Meng and him doing it) and then his husband heard and then his husband misunderstood and then his husband revenged and then he went to his secretary and then his secretary b*tch became arrogant and thinks she’s the main wife and then she tries to provoked Lin Meng and then Lin Meng misunderstood amd then Lin Meng is angry and then they divorced. So, my issue now here is. What will I do if Lin Meng no longer spend money like water?
    See, that came from only this scenario.

    1. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who sometimes stop reading and then create the suite of the chapter/ of the whole story in your head for 1,2, can go up to 20 min before continuing reading

  2. Disgusting! How dare he proposition Lin Meng. He’s a hundred years too early!

    She’s so nice she will probably hire him anyway, but this is just too gross.

  3. En esa industria es muy común pero el chico debió de pensar primero en el personaje de LM, ella no es igual a los otros productores e inversionistas que duermen con las estrellas que quieren promocionar. Y además creo que el tenía muchas oportunidades de colaborar con TDentertaimen pues fue uno de los primeros con los que trabajaron

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