Chapter 27 Part 4

When seeing Lin Meng holding up the room card, Yu Yuanxing quickly withdrew his eyes as if there was a virus over there. He didn’t dare to take another look.

“Your urgency is here?” Lin Meng asked mockingly.

“I … I can do everything.” Like he made a lot of determination, he finally said this sentence.

Lin Meng was stunned by his firmness at this moment, thinking for a moment, she suddenly said: “Have you thought about Zhuang Sisi and Gu Dong knowing this, maybe they will be embarrassed?”

Most of the actors in the entertainment industry have been well maintained. Although Yu Yuanxing was only five or six years younger than her, he looked like a college student.

Lin Meng still remembered that when Yu Yuanxing was shooting “Love You Before Tomorrow”, he had only found her once, not for himself, in order to recommend her friends Zhuang Sisi and Gu Dong to her.

At that time he repeatedly explained and apologized, knowing that this behavior might give people a bad impression of him and but he did not stop.

Yu Yuanxing apologized and put a USB in her hand, and even exaggerated: “President Lin, please listen, this is really the best voice I have heard in life.” He cast a begging look until Lin Meng nodded before leaving.

Yu Yuanxing suddenly froze when he heard the name of his friend. His body was stiff and tight, and his lower lip blocked by a mask was bitten tightly by his teeth and blood had oozed out.

It was only a moment, but it seemed like a long time. Yu Yuanxing suddenly stood up, withdrew the room card from Lin Meng’s hand, bowed hard, and almost hit the table.

“President Lin, I’m so sorry. Can we pretend I wasn’t here today? It’s all my fault.”

He felt that this did not seem to be enough, and he added another sentence: “They really didn’t know that I had to do this. We haven’t been in contact for a long time. This is just what I did when my brain went wrong. ” After finishing these words, Yu Yuanxing lowered his hat and immediately planned to leave.

“Don’t go, sit down.” Lin Meng was not stupid. She could see that Yu Yuanxing really regretted it at the moment.

She was willing to give Yu Yuanxing a chance, it was just thanks to the two good voices he introduced to her.

“No matter why, you always have to make it clear. If it is not clear, how can this matter be concluded?”

Yu Yuanxing froze, and then sat down. Even for his friends, he had to make it clear.

Yu Yuanxing, who had a very bad face, talked about the things that happened to him recently.

After “Love You Before Tomorrow”, his resources were once surprisingly good. But it didn’t last long. He couldn’t receive any new resources except for some follow-up work of the endorsement signed before and the company’s packaging projects.

The agent felt that he could not continue this way, helping him cheeky to get a guest actor opportunity in “Mountains Behind The Mountain”. It didn’t take long for the heat from this to disappear again.

Yu Yuanxing did not understand at first. After all, there were quite a lot of fans who left messages to him every day. But after some analysis of the agent, he finally understood the status quo.

Although he looked good, he could sing some songs, but his personality was not enough to attract fans, and he became popular because the company had spent a lot of resources before. But his ability could not keep up, the fans who were slowly attracted found his boring heart and gradually left.

His popularity was only temporary, and his fans were all passers-by. The company was no longer willing to spend money on him and did not have time to do analytics… so why should the resource find him?

The agent said that the only way to solve the problem was to transform. He was not suitable to be a traffic idol and he was going to be an actor!

The problem was that his acting skills were not good enough. He just came to pay attention as a guest actor last time, but now those attentions were gone.

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