Chapter 27 Part 6

“President Lin!” Yu Yuanxing was suddenly serious. “I already knew that I was doing something wrong. Please don’t open the back door for me because of sympathy, or because of Zhuang Sisi and Gu Dong’s face! Even if I get the role, I will feel guilty.”

Lin Meng looked at Yu Yuanxing and shook her head. This man had almost sold himself in exchange for a role. Now the character was about to be given to him, but he did not agree.

She directly sent a WeChat message to Cheng Aiming: [Director Chen, our audition in the afternoon will definitely require Yu Yuanxing, right? I plan to contact their company. 】

[Cheng Aiming: President Lin, aren’t we done this afternoon? Am I the kind of hesitant person? But this guy has a rough acting skills, you let him enter the crew early. I want to teach him personally, even if he is a decaying wood, I can carve out new patterns. 】

She handed the information to Yu Yuanxing. Yu Yuanxing was ecstatic first, and then he was deeply guilty. He looked at Lin Meng: “President Lin … would you still give me this opportunity?”

Lin Meng smiled: “I only know that nothing happened today, I just came to invite our company’s next project’s future male protagonist to have a meal. “


“Okay, so sit down and have a good meal now, don’t make yourself like a thief.” There was only coffee on the table when they first came. Lin Meng was planning to pick two dishes from the menu.

“President Lin, I don’t eat anymore. I keep my figure and I have to control my diet.” Yu Yuanxing became energetic, and the previous frustration has disappeared. “I’ll pay for the meal. ” He was very attentive. He took out his cell phone and remembered that all his property might not be as much as this person’s change.

“Then don’t eat and I’ll go back.” Lin Meng closed the menu. “I’ll finish my coffee before I leave. The car is waiting for me in the garage. You can go to rest first. I want to be alone.”

Yu Yuanxing did not dare to refuse after hearing it. He nodded and stood up obediently. When he was about to leave, he bowed at Lin Meng again and went straight upstairs.

Far away, Lin Meng also saw Yu Yuanxing happily make a circle. She shook her head helplessly, walked to the garage after drinking the coffee, and was ready to go home.

It was just that she always felt something was wrong. Maybe she was not sensitive enough to the entertainment industry? How has she never felt that Yu Yuanxing’s status quo is so bad?

Lin Meng had just arrived home. She was planning to call someone to contact Yu Yuanxing ’s company to inform them about signing a contract tomorrow, but the cell phone suddenly continued to vibrate.

She frowned, and there was an ominous hunch.

Wait, this scene … when did she experience it?

Lin Meng immediately turned on the flight mode and then opened WeChat. She was shocked.

Ning Qi, Sui Yan, Feng Liangliang were all sending messages to her–

“Yu Yuanxing and you???”

Yu Yuanxing and me?

Lin Meng’s heart tightened, and she guessed something was wrong. She didn’t need to read the information and immediately opened her Weibo.

Well, she didn’t have to spend time looking for it. She was on the hot search topic leaderboard. Lin Meng clicked in, then she was speechless.

She went to hot search topic again because she get a room with someone in the hotel? —— Why did she say it again?

[Explosive news! It is rumored that the president of True Dream Entertainment and the fresh meat Yu Yuanxing get a room in the hotel! 】

The two exclamation marks seemed to smash into Lin Meng’s heart, and she was … quite shocked. She really get the room last time. This time, she just had a coffee in the cafe. Why did she get the room again?

She clicked into the link to see a few high-resolution images.

A picture of the check-in registration that was clearly taken through the computer at the front desk of the hotel clearly captured Yu Yuanxing who checked in with an ID card.

The rest of the photos were taken outside the hotel. Yu Yuanxing, wearing a hat and mask, was taking her to the hotel in tandem. The camera was quite clear, and her face was photographed.

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  1. Hmph. I’m still disgusted with Yu Yuanxing and not prepared to forgive him. Scumbag. Who does he think our MC is *grumble grumble *

    Thanks for the chapters!

  2. Don’t be too hard on him. I am making scenarios again since this is killing me. Maybe the reason why Yu Yuanxing is not making it big is because someone is targeting him. You know those cliches entertainment novels where some actors actresses gets mud on them because of intentional shade. Maybe someone is set to destroy him. I just wish that to clarify this rumors, it won’t take 5 chapters. That would be too annoying ,author. Don’t make a drama suddenly! I’m still enjoying Lin Meng’s spending. And she and her huaband did not yet even meet.

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