Chapter 28 Part 1

The office of the president on the top floor of Lin Shen company’s headquarters usually lights up very late.

Internet companies like them were catching up with the development of the times, and almost every day the size of the company expanded quietly. If they slackened a little and stopped moving forward, they would be easily overtaken by other competitors.

Zhu Yushen was confirming a document. During this time, his work efficiency was not as good as before. In addition, going home had become an unnecessary thing for him, so he spent more time in the office.

“President Zhu.” Wen Xiaofu knocked on the door and walked in. She looked anxious, “I …”

“Why don’t you leave?” Zhu Yushen glanced at Wen Xiaofu, he was speechless.

He did not have the habit of having to work overtime with his employees. He knew how much work Wen Xiaofu had as a secretary. Zhu Yushen didn’t like much about employees who had no work to do but stayed overtime.

Wen Xiaofu smiled awkwardly, she was very depressed, but how can she be distracted by this at this time.

“President Zhu, there is one thing, I don’t know whether to talk or not.” She hesitated, but again showed an eager look.

Zhu Yushen didn’t have time to attention her: “Then don’t talk, just get out and close the door.”

…… Wen Xiaofu was silent for a while, and said cheeky again: “President Zhu, this matter is related to your wife, I think you still have to know.”

She walked to Zhu Yushen’s desk and handed the cell phone to Zhu Yushen: “President Zhu, about Ms. Lin. She … I know that I am only a subordinate, but I think such news is really bad. “

Wen Xiaofu made her look like she was just thinking about the company: “She really can’t consider your hard work, how can she make such news?”

Zhu Yushen glanced at the cell phone, his eyes immediately fixed on it. His eyes were deep, as if to draw a river between the two on the cell phone not far away as a boundary.

“The entertainment industry is chaotic, and there are many temptations …”

Wen Xiaofu hid the knife in her smile. She was planning to say more, and the words all reached her throat, but Zhu Yushen’s eyes stopped her.


“I’m weird. What qualifications do you have to give a big word to my wife?” Zhu Yushen stood up and took off the clothes that had been on the chair. “As the secretary, you have crossed the line. “

He walked out anxiously, but stopped next to Wen Xiaofu: “From tomorrow on, you go to the personnel office to report and they will re-arrange your position for you. I don’t need a secretary who doesn’t respect my wife to speculate on her. If the handover is not good, let Secretary Wang do it. “

This made Wen Xiaofu anxious: “President Zhu, this time I didn’t think too much about doing things. However, this has nothing to do with work! I didn’t make any mistakes in my work. Why should I downgrade my job for this!”

“Secretary Wang hasn’t taught you? You not only serve my job, but also serve my wife.” Zhu Yushen didn’t even look at her. “If it weren’t for me that I would never affect my work with personal feelings, you have been fired.”

Zhu Yushen didn’t care about Wen Xiaofu’s anxious. He was about to go out, but his body suddenly stopped.

[The chance of mission failure has been increased to 95%! Solemnly warn that the mission is about to fail! 】

Strange mechanical male voices appeared suddenly, but there was no one in the office except Wen Xiaofu. He should have heard it wrong?

Zhu Yushen left the office directly, he still has a lot to do.

Lin Meng was making a WeChat call to Yu Yuanxing. Every time she turned to the desktop of her mobile phone, she could see that the number displayed on the phone and the information went up again.

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  1. Authoooooooor!!!! I just said don’t create a drama out of nothing but something happened author! Who would have thought that there was a missing system here. It might have been its first job. Why did a system suddenly appear? Whose? secretary’s? husband’s? The heck system, if your point is to make the husband and the sec be together then, authoooor, this is your fault! Give Lin Meng a decent male lead. That’s all.

    1. Yup I agree 100%. The husband is still kinda… not got enough in my opinion. And the system just shows up out of no where???

  2. Why now the husband got system! Whyyyy… Would he defy the system to win his wife back?

    1. Hehe, I’m hoping he somehow just overheard her system and her system’s objective is to get her hitched to the male lead. I don’t want the male lead to be tied to the kind of system that encourages infidelity. Male lead, please don’t get caught up with a bad system!!!( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

      Thank you for translating!

  3. Jojo aparece un sistema pero no sabemos si es para bien o mal de los protagonistas y a quien pertenece pero si el esposo lo escucho tiene que ser de él

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