Chapter 28 Part 2

“Hello … President Lin! I’m sorry, I just woke up, what’s the matter?”

Yu Yuanxing was in airplane mode all year round when he was sleeping. If he didn’t want to go to the bathroom, he wouldn’t even find Lin Meng calling him.

For audition, he was reading acting books until midnight. Although the knowledge in the book didn’t come in handy at all, as soon as he relaxed and was exhausted, he didn’t even have time to notify the agent of the good news, and he fell asleep in the soft bed.

Lin Meng made a long story short: “A reporter took a photo of you picking me up at the door of the hotel in the afternoon, and a screenshot of your check-in. There are rumors that we are cheating at the hotel.”

“What?” Yu Yuanxing had no sleepiness. “President Lin, I immediately clarified on the Internet, I really don’t know about this matter!” He opened his Weibo in a hurry and his face turned pale.

He has been in the entertainment industry for so long. He was also very sensitive to this matter, and he was afraid that Lin Meng felt that he was in a publicity stunt.

“I … I am now posting on the Weibo to clarify, we are just meeting at the western restaurant!” Yu Yuanxing was anxious. “And this room …”

Speaking of this, he suddenly froze. The room card was given to him by the agent. How could he check in with his name?

Lin Meng had a good memory and thought of the details that Yu Yuanxing said in the afternoon.

No agent in the world should be stupid enough to let their entertainer go to the hidden rules, but also check in with the entertainer’s ID card, right? If he was so disciplined and law-abiding, he wouldn’t do this kind of thing.

“President Lin, I will call my agent immediately, I … I will let him explain! I will go to the front desk!” The more he said, the less he felt.

He had already guessed that something was wrong, and although he could n’t believe it, but the biggest possibility was that his most trusted agent stabbed him in the back.

This kind of thing was the most difficult to clarify. He was stupid, and even affected President Lin. Yu Yuanxing was extremely guilty.

“You don’t need to say anything. I’ll deal with it here first, you just stay in the hotel and don’t move.”

Lin Meng hung up the phone and began to explain the situation to everyone in the company’s group to reassure them.

Just, how to clarify this matter?

She had to give a clarification plan as quickly as possible, but the problem was at Xinyue Hotel.

the hotel was set by Yu Yuanxing’s agent. Since the other party dared to do so, there must be other preparations. If it was her, the surveillance video must have been deleted.

Lin Meng rummaged through the address book to find some people who could help her, but just made a few calls to go out without gaining. The other parties were willing to help, but they didn’t know much about Xin Yue.

Her heart tightened, and she knew that this time she was really difficult to handle.

Clarification would be considered sophistry if it failed to be timely or without sufficient evidence. since then, she and Yu Yuanxing, one was an investor who used resources to sleep a fresh meat, and the other was fresh meat that relied on hidden rules to obtain a role. This label was put on, it was… it was…

And with great possibility, this cooperation can only be stranded in order to avoid suspicion.

Lin Meng took a deep breath. She was planning to send a lawyer’s letter first, and then contact a company colleague to go to the police with her and prepare the materials for going to court tomorrow.

She was thinking about what to do next. In the WeChat interface that was opening, a dialog box reached the top because of the message just sent.

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  1. I can finally comment again!

    I’m guessing hubby will step in and help her out. I am very happy with how he dealt with the secretary in the past chapter. And that he stood by his wife. He might feel uncertain inside but outside nobody can come between his wife and him (except themselves) and throw dirty water at her! Fighting Linshen!

    Thank you very much for all the chapters!

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