Chapter 28 Part 3

Zhu Yushen sent the message. He sent four video clips and a compressed file package.

[Zhu Yushen: The surveillance video of the hotel’s western restaurant and the surveillance video at the door of Yu Yuanxing’s room have been deleted. I have already contacted the technician who restored the surveillance video, and it will take some time to restore the video. But the other party did not delete the surveillance video of the underground garage and elevator. I will send you these first. 】

[Zhu Yushen: I know, you will not do such a thing, I believe you. If you don’t mind … I can let Lin Shen company’s official Weibo also publicly declare our relationship. 】

She first opened the video and immediately relieved. There was a time point on the video. People could clearly know when Yu Yuanxing entered and exited the elevator and when she got on the car in the underground garage through the video.

Lin Meng looked at the message sent by Zhu Yushen seriously. She thought about it and replied to this message: [You don’t need to send a statement, and thank you. 】

She acted decisively and immediately logged on to Weibo, and the editor’s statement began to be sent.

This was her battlefield again.

With this sword, no matter how strong the shield was, it would be pierced with a sword.

On the Internet, fans were fighting with passersby.

Xiao Ling was the vice president of Yu Yuanxing’s support club. When she saw the news, her heart sank. Although there were many evidences, but … but she believed that Yu Yuanxing was not such a person.

She began to send private letters to Yu Yuanxing’s agent and Lin Meng frantically, hoping they would come out and issue a statement, in order to appease the sisters in the support group, and they began to argue with passers-by.

“What can these two photos prove? Wouldn’t it be possible to meet with a collaborating partner? You met a former colleague, wouldn’t you go and have a cup of tea with him? It is already 2019, do colleagues of the opposite sex have to be a safe distance away from a thousand meters? “

“I took Yu Yuanxing away. I have taken a screenshot. Your Weibo post has been forwarded more than 500 times. You can wait for the defendant without deleting it!”

She sent one comment after another, just like a fighting chicken. If you asked Xiaoling whether she believed it or not, she didn’t know.

She had to fight to the end before the conclusive evidence had come out.

There was too much traffic at night, and there were more and more people who saw the news. She could n’t control the comments no matter how hard she tried. She has started to be scolded by netizens.

What should she do? She didn’t even have an answer to this question.

“Sister Xiaoling! Look at @Lin Meng’s Weibo, she posted a clarification! Our idol really hasn’t been hidden rules!”

Xiaoling almost jumped up in front of the computer. She had no intention to educate the little sister in the group that she could not say “really not”, because he never did!

Her hands were still shaking, she clicked on Weibo at the fastest speed.

Two minutes ago, Lin Meng just sent a clarification Weibo. The sisters in the group were estimated to be ten lines at a glance. They came to report as soon as they finished reading.

Lin Meng’s clarification was as clean as before. The screenshots were arranged in order and explained. The link to the network disk that came with the post was complete without screenshots and only dealt with the surveillance video of passers-by.

The clues of time were also clearly organized. On the last one, she also specially screenshots her chats with Director Cheng Aiming and added notes.

Once this chain of evidence came out, everything has become very clear.

The time when Yu Yuanxing left the elevator was 17:55; the time when Lin Meng finished drinking coffee and appeared in the underground garage was 18:03; through compressing the file package for up to two hours, without redundant processing of surveillance video, everyone can clearly see that Lin Meng has not been on the elevator from beginning to end.

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  1. Go hubby! Well done!. But really, just announce your relationship. But, I also want it to be announced in due time. Hehe

  2. Hubby is kinder to her than she deserves IMO. The first thing she should have done when she heard the rumor is call him and explain.

    1. I love her. She is smart , has savvy business skills, awesome friend, and boss but I can’t help but feel bad for her husband. He was an inattentive husband and took her for granted so I am glad she is showing him and herself that she is much better. I feel bad because she is indirectly punishing him for an affair that she dreamt about. I know its heartbreaking seeing such a bleak future but I think investigating about the so called future before taking action is a better plan. I agree she didn’t even think to contact him when there was such a rumour. Sucks.

      1. I agree with you. I don’t accept that she’s punishing him for an affair that hasn’t even happened. Luckily he’s patient and respects her boundaries. Good for her that she’s showing him she can thrive without him but in another novel, that very behaviour would cause the ML to have an affair.

        1. I believe that rather than punishing the ZY for the affair (that hasn’t happened), it’s more that Lin Meng has woken up from the years of neglect in her marriage and finally recognized that she needs to love herself. ZY has neglected her for years of marriage after having a ten year relationship (referenced in Chapter 1) and that’s enough for divorce imo. He hasn’t put in the work to continue the marriage and LM has, for several years. She’s sacrificed her youth for ZY; does she have to continue to sacrifice the rest of her life to wait in an empty house for one word texts and occasional in-person glimpses of her husband when he’s not working? A relationship is a two-way street and LM has put in enough effort. Lin Meng is a strong character and I love her. I’d like to believe that rather than revenge or punishment, it seems more that she just needed some time to herself so she could stop her world from revolving around a person who no longer seemed to care about her anymore. She doesn’t know what to do after figuring that her marriage will end. If she’s a bit petty in the process because she might want ZY to feel what she’s experienced for years then it’s well-deserved imo. If an online rumor causes enough doubt to finally break the relationship then maybe ZY doesn’t deserve her because there should be some trust for a relationship to last (which thankfully ZY has). ZY has finally redeemed himself in this chapter!

          Author-sama really portrays each character and plot well so it’d be nice if we can appreciate the MC’s perspective more. Thanks for the great translations!

          1. I totally agree with you. Years of neglect in a relationship is very hard mend, especially if it was dished ou by a single party when the other one was trying hard to maintain it.

  3. Hubby is the best. Supportive, helpful but doesn’t come as a saviour, letting her fight her own battles. He obviously trusts and respects her. Now if only he could prove he loves her.

    Thanks for the update!

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