Chapter 28 Part 4

The people of True Dream Entertainment received a notice in advance and have all responded on the post.

@Sui Yan: Our President Lin’s heart is only working, but she was said to be a get room demon. Last time the two of us opened the room, why didn’t anyone say President Lin had hidden rules for me?

@Cheng Aiming: …? I should be under the car, not in the car. Who else doesn’t know that the person who ultimately decides the role is me?

@True Dream Entertainment: Our boss is very wronged. Out boss feels bitter. Forward this clarification post, draw one hundred clarification masters, one person will get one thousand yuan clarification funds.

True Dream Entertainment, who did not lack money, directly bought the hot search topic, and hyped up the “Please Open The Door” which has decided the protagonist.

The get room storm in the afternoon came and went quickly. It was clarified in time before the peak of traffic reached.

……Or, this storm could not be said to be completely over. Someone quietly posted on the forum.

[Firstly, I know they didn’t get a room! I’m just curious. Would someone who still frame Yu Yuanxing not do the calculations? Even if President Lin really got on the elevator with Yu Yuanxing, the video of getting off in the underground garage must be true, right? 】

[18: 03-17: 55 = 8 minutes. After subtracting the time from upstairs to downstairs, even if they haven’t waited for the elevator for three minutes. ……Then the question is coming, Yu=? 】

[Already reported upfloor involved in pornography! If Yu is really five minutes, if the rich lady really hidden rules him, is she crazy? 】

Of course, this post was deleted after not long, only a new time unit “Yu” was left.

A well-known wishing post was pushed up again. The Yu Yuanxing fan in the post made a wish that he would be more conspicuous with True Dream Entertainment. It was obvious that everyone could not ignore it.

Feudal superstition was undesirable……did they make another wish?

Forward this Meng Koi, your idol will no longer worry about anything!

This matter finally came to an end, Lin Meng also relieved.

Yu Yuanxing just sent a message telling her the whole story. This left Lin Meng speechless, and she couldn’t help saying that Yu Yuanxing was unlucky.

The situation was not complicated. The son of the president of Yu Yuanxing’s company was also the entertainer of the company. His career has not been as good as Yu Yuanxing’s development, and he has long been dissatisfied.

The original gap between the two was not too big. Although he was not as good as Yu Yuanxing, he always felt that there was a possibility of overtaking. He did not expect the teleplay “Love You Before Tomorrow”, which directly made Yu Yuanxing famous.

The jealousy was the most terrible. The son expressed grievances at home, and the president could not sit still. He called Yu Yuanxing’s agent and bought the other party.

Yu Yuanxing did not receive resources, but those resources were sent to the company’s prince by the agent. What if some companies refused to agree to substitutions?

It was simple, and then refused without giving reasons. Yu Yuanxing had rumors of such a poser after a long time, and the resources were naturally getting less and less.

Yu Yuanxing did not have the ability to provide resources. The prince who was in the limelight was also ruthless, and he decided to let Yu Yuanxing out completely, and this event was arranged.

Yu Yuanxing on the phone had a low voice, and he smiled bitterly: “My contract expires next month. Before that, the company never asked me to sign a contract. I thought it was because I had no potential. I finally understand now, because before the termination, they will let me completely withdraw from the entertainment industry. “

“President Lin, sorry, I’m really sorry.”

Lin Meng sighed. She went to the balcony and was about to ventilate. Looking down the window, she saw a familiar car.

The car stopped right under the street lamp, and the car was clearly illuminated by the street lamp. Lin Meng felt that the man who was standing by this car and watching the cell phone was also familiar with the figure.

Why was he here?

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  1. See. Told ya, someone is doing the cliches move just because of jelly. Hmp. I now say. Lin Meng, just get him to be under your wing and make Yu Yuanxing’s ex company be vomit blood for letting go such a cash cow (tho, i don’t really wanna say that).

  2. Obviously he’s here for you. Lin Meng, stop doubting your husband. He hasn’t done anything.

    Thanks for the update.

    1. I mean…that’s sort of the problem, isn’t it, that he didn’t do anything? If he hadn’t been neglecting her so much and caused her to feel so much insecurity in their relationship, she would never have put any stock in her dream. She’s always put more work into their relationship than he bothered to and it’s his fault she’s doubting him.

  3. Lo celos son lo peor, ese tipo quería sacarlo totalmente sin dejar espacio para un regreso. Ya pensaba yo que era raro porque el chico tenía muchos fans por lo que muchas marcas querrían colaborar y si lo hacía bien sus recursos se mantendrían estables

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